• Sage 100C Report Writer - Can an HTML Hyperlink be placed in a Report Form?

    I'd like to include an active hyperlink in a custom report form using Sage report writer. Is there any way that the report writer can recognize a hyperlink or HTML?

  • P&L by Specific Date Range in Sage Intelligence


    I'm looking to create an Income Statement by a specific date range.

    There was a previous post of an individual stating they wanted to do the same thing and the response was that it could be done, but that you had to have Report Designer.


  • convert single company GL reports to consolidated company reports

    Can the reports "GL Transactions incl BegBalances" & "GL Transactions Incl Open Balances" be converted to Consolidation reports?

    Or, is there a way to set the company code and add the 8 companies as sub-reports?

  • Sage 100 ERP 2013: How to generate a list of all accounts that have special pricing methods set, like price overrides, price discount amounts, etc.

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how to generate a list of all customers that have special pricing methods set, including: Cost Markup Amount, Cost Markup %, Price Discount Amount, Price Discount % and Price Override. The one that's chiefly…

  • ODBC Driver for Excel returning NULL values for alphanumeric item codes

    why is the container importing my excel file with blank (NULL) values for items with alpha numeric labels? additionally the columns have switched order?

    Excel Output                                       Connector Module Sample Run                         Original Excel FIle Import

  • Is Excel 2019 Perpetual License Supported with Sage Intelligence (Sage 100 v2020)

    We would like to install Excel 2019 perpetual license so Sage Intelligence can be run, however, the Sage Compatibility Matrix lists Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or o365 Desktop as compatible with Sage Intelligence for Sage 100 version 2020 (6.2).  Excel 2019…

  • After a report opens, it gives a #nameerror for every single formula I've used in the report

    I am able to open reports just fine on my computer.  My boss, however, is getting #name errors on all forumulas when he runs the same reports.

    The 3 add-ins are turned on in his Excel.   It worked fine for him yesterday.

    Any idea what the problem is with…

  • Is there a way to pull data from a specific source code, like AP or AR?

    We are looking for a way to separate our YE AJE's.  It was suggested to us to use a source code named AJ.    We'd like to create a set of financials that shows the unadjusted trial balance, then the AJE's, and then the final balances.

    So, my question…

  • Using Tableau with Sage 100

    We have a client who has just implemented Tableau as their reporting tool company wide.  They are running Sage 100 Advanced.  They connected Tableau via SOTAMAS90 ODBC driver and it does connect and list the Sage data file names.  If they try to open/query…

  • Can you combine data from multiple companies using formulas like GLActual?

    Is there a way to combine data from multiple companies using formulas like GLActual ?   Currently, I have 4 companies, and I have the individual account data being sorted on a second excel page to combine their data in Total column.  I've tried using a formula…

  • Power BI, Sage 100, Tools needed?

    Our company uses Sage 100c 2015.  Our goal is to access Invoice History and the Item tables from Sage via ODBC to Power BI.  We want this to be a real time connection. We are multi-company (4).   We would have people access via Terminal Server.  

    It's my understanding…

  • Error 462 while attempting to run Sage Intelligence Reports (in Sage 100c 2016)

    I have a client experiencing some errors I have never seen...

    They are heavy Sage Intelligence users.  We just upgraded to Sage 100c 2016 a few weeks ago and since then their Sage Intelligence has been more error prone than I would like...

    Here is a screen…

  • Business Insights Reporter Wizard Payroll Hang

    I am trying to create a new report through the reporter.  When I give the report a name and choose where it will be in the reports it puts me to the next screen where I should select a template (Landscape, Portrait, Shipping Label.)  At this point no matter…

  • Sage Intelligence Link Formula between Excel worksheets

    Does any know if we can link (or reference) GL accounts from one worksheet to another in SMI report?  The purpose is to is to simplify update of accounts

    Say sheet1 we have a good report.  In sheet2 column A, we want to link to accounts in sheet1.  
    If works…

  • Sage Intelligence templates corrupting when resaving

    Went to help a client yesterday making a minor change to a Sage Intelligence template.

    Ran the report,  edited it in excel and everything looked good.  Then did the save excel template and thought we were done.  However,  upon running the report again,  the…

  • Inventory Sales History Report

    I'm trying to get a report that is similar to the Inventory Sales History Report, but also to include the price per unit. This report sorts by item code which is what I want, and also lists quantity sold and quantity returned which I need. I just need…

  • Gathering info for Vendors

    I am new to Crystal Reports and I am trying to figure out how to put some vendor information into my report. I have their number, name, address in it and now I need how much they have purchased. I used InvoiceAmt and even NetInvoiceAmt in the report but…

  • Adding User Names to Crystal Reports

    I am trying to figure out how to add Sage User names to custom Crystal Reports that the users run in Sage.

  • I cannot print invoices in a range, it only print the first invoice.

    I cannot print invoices in a range, it only print the first invoice. 

  • RE: Unable to Print "data not selected for report printing"

    We have a KB article that may help. It is KB article 37536 "Error: "Data is not selected for reporting printing" when printing Accounts Receivable Invoices". Please note that you will have to be logged into your portal account to view…

  • Connecting Excel PowerPivot to Sage ERP 100 table

    Can someone provide assistance with - accessing Sage 100 ERP tables via Excel PowerPivot?  Note the error/failure from screen image above.