• Sage intelligence add functions

    SI has a function for "GLActual" that nets the debits and credits.

    Is it possible to add 2 different functions to get the debit and credit separately?

    the data exists in the actuals currently included sub report.

  • Sage Intelligence Reporting Webcasts

    Hello to our Sage 100 U.S. members! :) 

    We understand the impact the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having and how it has and still is affecting your business. We want you to know: we're here to help and as the new year approaches, we would like to take the…

  • After a report opens, it gives a #nameerror for every single formula I've used in the report

    I am able to open reports just fine on my computer.  My boss, however, is getting #name errors on all forumulas when he runs the same reports.

    The 3 add-ins are turned on in his Excel.   It worked fine for him yesterday.

    Any idea what the problem is with…

  • 462 Error SI Consolidated Reporting

    Can no longer run Consolidated financials. We get the error 462. We had our .SVD file edited in South Africa. That fixed it for one time. Support does not want to help , lengthy process to make an appointment, can't garuntee anything. This is a consolidated…

  • Excel is not populating all of the data.

    I have an Intelligence report generating and excel document. There are several sheets. One sheet in particular stops populating part of the records at line 3000. The other sheets populate just fine past the 3000 line. This sheet has 8 columns of data…

  • Sage Intelligence with Excel 2019

    Sage Intelligence has been tested at high level and found that it works with Excel 2019. However, issues may arise from consistent Microsoft updates. In those cases we will determine cause and method for resolving. 

    In one example, a Microsoft update to…

  • Client upgraded to Sage 100 2019 and is now getting "keyword not supported 'driver'" when running an SI report

    Sage 100 2019.1 Advanced.  Client accesses Sage via a published app on a remote desktop.  IT seemed to have trouble making the switch from 2016 to 2019... could only run the Setup.exe program, not Autorun.exe.

    Getting a Report Execution Error "keyword not…

  • how do I add the Task Pane to a Union Report


    I created a union report thats uses a container in the Connector Module and this is what it looks like:

    So how do i add the task pane so that i can compare these totals to the GL totals? So for example Column C would have the GL numbers anc Column…

  • filtering data to get a sum


    I am trying to filtered data so that I can get a sum. For example, I have a report that just have two columns (see diagram). I want to add up all the share codes that are "1" and get one total so that when I run the report I'll get a total amount…

  • Can you combine data from multiple companies using formulas like GLActual?

    Is there a way to combine data from multiple companies using formulas like GLActual ?   Currently, I have 4 companies, and I have the individual account data being sorted on a second excel page to combine their data in Total column.  I've tried using a formula…

  • Sage Intelligence Intermediate Report Writing class coming soon

    Are you ready to start using Sage Intelligence Reporting to create your own reports?  The next Intermediate course is scheduled for May 17.  Click here for more information.  It is recommended that you view the Beginner Anytime Learning topic first.

  • Sage Intelligence – Additional Reports Survey

    At Sage Intelligence, our goal is to make the running of your business easier, so that you have more time to do the things you want to do.  One of the ways we do this is by providing you with additional reports that give you actionable business insights…

  • Join Sally as she helps you forge ahead, making use of the Sage Intelligence Connector module

    Sage Intelligence gives you a lot of value out-the-box, through the ready-to-use reports provided in the Report Manager and the free reports that you can access via the Report Utility.  If these aren’t exactly what you’re looking for then you also have…

  • Using Microsoft Power BI with Sage Intelligence Reporting

    Hi all.

    Last year I provided two webcasts on how Microsoft Power BI can be used with Sage Intelligence to provide attractive and interactive visualizations of your data. I also covered some of the other benefits of making use of Power BI like sharing…

  • CASE Statement WHEN add multiple fields

    I am looking for a CASE statement to replace an excel formula.

    Excel formula would be: =IF(TDMMYY="0816",(N2+O2),IF(TDMMYY="0916",(N2+O2+P2),IF(TDMMYY="1016",(N2+O2+P2+Q2))))

    The one I'm trying that is failing is:

  • Sage 100 Intelligence Reporting: Report Utility

    Get immediate access to a library of additional reports

    As your business evolves and grows, so too do your reporting needs. We understand that it’s not always realistic to wait for the next Sage Intelligence update to get your hands on the reports that…

  • Sage Intelligence - Missing account listing

    One of the things that I noted as a what's new item in 2015 (maybe 2016?) was that Sage Intelligence was supposed to have a ability to let you know what g/l accounts might be missing from your design.

    However,  I can't say I have spotted that anywhere…

  • Trying to register 2014 with license manager and after clicking nothing opens at all.

    From 2014 sage 100 std the license manager doesn't open.

  • Streamline your company’s reporting with the Sage Intelligence Connector module

    Streamline your organization’s financial and operational reporting using the Sage Intelligence Connector module to access information from multiple sources and consolidate data from multiple companies. The Connector module allows for consolidations and…

  • Build a financial report layout quickly and easily with Sage Intelligence Reporting

    Are you new to Sage Intelligence and is creating financial reports taking too much time and effort? The Layout Generator in the Sage Intelligence Report Designer provides a wizard-type environment for building customized financial reports, which will…