P&L by Specific Date Range in Sage Intelligence


I'm looking to create an Income Statement by a specific date range.

There was a previous post of an individual stating they wanted to do the same thing and the response was that it could be done, but that you had to have Report Designer.

No details beyond that were provided for exactly how this can be done.  I've provided the link below for reference.

Date Range Income Statement

Can anyone provide some direction on this capability? 

I have Report Designer, and Connector.  This is for a Consolidated Financial Report.

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    I agree with the previous post that the best way to do this is to create a copy company and copy the GL over to it. Change the fiscal year calendar to your specific dates and then use Sage Intelligence to create the report. Sage Intelligence connectors use period/year and is not date specific; however in your copy company you can configure the period/year to be specific dates. Another more complicated way is to pull in all the GL transactions for a date range but your only going to get the net change for the account and not have BB balance. You would have to figure out how to pull that BB as well to come up with a good ending balance.

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    I would typically build a model that works off another report that uses formulas for trailing trends keying off an ending date parameter to pull the data.  Let me know if you need more details.