Create company parameter for Intelligence report template used across multiple databases


We have a client that has several hundred companies in Sage 100.  They have a report template that they would like to run individually on each of these companies.

The customer owns the Connector module.

Using the standard Autoconnect connection in Connector, it uses the current Sage 100 database that the Report Manager was launched from (ie ABC) and feeds that into the Autoconnect connection, telling it to pull data from that company database.

It is possible to parameterize the Autoconnect connection so the company database can be selected from a list?

If we could accomplish this, then a user could be logged into ABC company and run that report template for all companies, rather than needing to log into Report Manager in each company and then run the report there.  Over several hundred companies that's extremely burdensome.

Using the Consolidation reports is not feasible, as it takes 3 hours to run across all company databases with lots of timeout messages in between.

Thanks in advance for ideas.

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