Custom Reports- The database login failed. No error


We are having an issue where we are modifying a custom report in Crystal (minor change such as adding a column) and adding the updated report back into sage. Users are not able to run the custom report anymore. The get a "The database login failed. No error" message (screenshot attached) and then nothing happens. We are on Sage 100 2019 Premium. We did notice that issue does not happen for every user. We are not modifying any of the connections to the database that would cause that error. Has anyone seen a similar issue/ can provide guidance?

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    I'm not saying you're doing a bad thing.  I've edited UDF data via SQL script before, with tightly controlled security (...I know what is safe / not safe, and limit the type of solutions I deploy accordingly).

    I mainly wanted to post a warning here for the benefit of any future readers of this thread.  Direct SQL edits are to be avoided.

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