• Restrict an On Hold PO from being ROG

    Is there a way to restrict an On Hold PO from being received in ROG/ROI?  

    New security on Sage 100c Advanced 2022.1 doesn't have such an option for "Override" or anything else I could find.  SO has something, but not PO.  Why wouldn't Sage…

  • Sales order entry - unit price goes down to 0$ after changing quantity

    Unit price drops down to 0 when changing the quantity of "ordered" on the same line item. Is this normal behavior, or was this intentionally implemented at some point? Can anyone point me in the direction of an article to reverse this?


  • Duplicate SO (PO's) being imported via True Commerce EDI in Citrix environment

    Upgraded from Sage 100c Advanced v2019.2 to v2022.1 on new Win2022 ERP server and separate Win2019 Citrix server. 

    When we import EDI PO's from True Commerce Transaction Manager v2 integration into Sage 100 which become SO, of course, we get duplicate…

  • Reopen a Completed PO

    Is there a way to allow non-Admin Sage 100 users the ability to Re-Open Completed PO's?

    Quite often we get late Invoices or additional quantity received after the PO has automatically been changed to Completed status, due to 10% Completion rule or…

  • Item Codes

    My company has decided to stop assigning item codes to incoming raw materials and instead use generic codes ie: /LAMINATE,  /HARDWARE etc.  The reason for this change is to be able to issue the receipts directly to a job upon the item being received. This…

  • Disable Auto Increment for Lot/Serial Number Distribution in Shipping Data Entry

    Upgraded to Sage 100c Advanced v2022.1 with OM PU1 from v2019.2

    Shipping Setup Options has Auto Increment disabled, but when distributing Lot Numbers in in Shipping Data Entry, the Auto Increment in the Lot/Serial Number Distribution window is enabled…

  • Error Message when using Delete/Change Items

    I am getting this error message when I am going to rename these items. 

    Has anyone every encountered this? I've never seen it before. 

  • Sales order UOM is different than SO Invoice UOM

    Customer orders in cases but need to invoice in pounds.  Cases may or may not be exact weight, each case may have a different weight.  Similarly, order from Vendors is in cases but are invoiced by the vendor in pounds.  Again, case may or may not be exact…

  • What module would be best for new services?

    We currently use all the core modules (GL, AP, AR, BR, PR, IM, PO,  plus Job Cost and Time Card. I am looking for something, for example - we may have 1-3 jobs at a time (up to 90 days each), each job will have 2-3 work tickets, and each work ticket generates…

  • Serialized device floating in limbo.

    I was in the middle of Transferring two Serialized Devices from one Warehouse to another. While in the middle of this sage crashed. Now when I go back in the devices still say they are in the same warehouse but they are not available. How do I fix this…

  • Sage v2022 Production Management

    feeling brave (or foolish?), I installed v2022 on client with the WO module.  Prior to installing, I looked up the registration keys for this client so had the most recent.  The module listing on the portal indicated that production management with three…

  • Production Management - Work Ticket Template Maintenance -> new object creation with incorrect material posting on steps from copy process

    Using Production Management->Setup->Work Ticket Template Maintenance and creating a new object:

    1) Input unique NEW template number that does not exist in the system

    2)  choose COPY (from Open Work Ticket) from the Message Box

    3) Select existing…

  • SalesOrder Picking Sheet Denied Access

    Hello Everyone,

    Our CS dept have been reporting to use that they are receiving a popup message in SAGE when try to print a pick sheet from the Sales Order module. Please see below. I can't figure out what could be causing this. I have checked permissions…

  • Recalculate Costs on Purchase Orders

    Is there a way to Recalc Cost on a PO similar to the Recalc Price function on SO?  We have many open POs in our system where we need to update line item cost to new vendor cost based on price increases.  Those new vendor costs are uploaded to the SKU, so…

  • Shipping data entry sending items in multiple packages with packing list for each package

    We have a client who has a customer who wants a packing list for the items that are in each box shipped for the order and not the whole order on the packing list.  Does anyone have a similar issue?

  • serialized items are showing as available but they have been invoiced

    We are showing a serialized item on hand and available, but it was sold in November 2021.

    History shows the item was received and sold, with no further movement on this serial number

    It's still showing on the Inventory Valuation Report - item in question…

  • AR Deposit Transaction Report


    How do I generate a report that will show me how a cash receipt was applied? I need to know what invoices were paid by each individual cash receipt in the year 2020 and early 2021. During the early days of COVID ach payments were sent in randomn amounts…

  • Earmark part of a LOT Number not for sale

    Trying to figure out if there is a way to reserve a portion of a LOT Number for Make to Stock finished goods. For instance:

    The company I work for makes paint. If we make a batch of a particular color, give that batch a LOT Number and enter it into Inventory…

  • Anyone know of any Performance issues with Sage 100c ADVANCED v2021 PU1

    I'm preparing my upgrade from v2019 to Sage 100c Advanced v2021 with PU1 (due to Scanco Operations Mgmt compatibility) and notice KB articles referring to slow performance issues with STANDARD and PREMIUM.  But nothing with ADVANCED.

    Does anyone know…

  • Custom Office for Work Ticket Templates

    Just discovering the power of Custom Office (I'm a newb). I am running into a wall with one particular item. I have worked my way through creating user defined fields and tables and can successfully customize panels in screens and modules, but I'm stuck…

  • Sage WO vs PM Cross Reference?


    Is there a cross reference list of what the WO tables/fields are now called/located in PM.  I'm looking to make a new query for PM to replace what I had in WO coming from the WO9 table or WOO depending on Active or History.



  • Match BOM Production Entry Line Sequence to BOM Maintenance detail line entry

    We are on Sage 100c 2019 and I'm trying to find out a way, that when BOM Production Entry is launched and we go to the lines tab, that the line sequence is NOT alphabetical/numeric ascending (which appears to be the default), but based on the way the…

  • SAGE100 Premium VS. 2020 HEADLESS ORDERS !!

    A SAGE100 Premium VS. 2020 has occasional missing S/O order header records.

    The order lines are still there.

    The order is completely there in order history.

    The order has NOT been invoiced.

    Anyone seen this?

  • Inventory item and Inventory stock status report


    I do have a concern with sage 100 V 6.10.2,  My inventory item shows 0 item no transactions in there,  but when I run the Inventory Stock status report it show a quantity on hand of  384

    any idea how to clear that or if there is any program to run and…

  • I don't have the work order/production module. What is the best way to incorporate labor rates into Sage 100 BOMs?

    I don't have the work order/production module. What is the best way to incorporate labor rates into Sage 100 BOMs? Right now I'm set up using misc codes.