• Item Code Setup

    In Item Code Maintenance where you set up the units of measure. What is "SALES" used for? Is it used for sales to an end user, or is it used for the recipes/bill of materials/costed bill sales?

  • Inventory Usage Reports by Product

    Good afternoon,

    This question is related to inventory management. I work for a company which has several locations treated as separate warehouses in the inventory management module. We use physical counts to determine materials usage for Cost of Goods…

  • Bill of Materials - Parent & Component Serial Numbers

    The Bill of Material allows a parent item with components. 

    Is there a way to create a serial number for the Parent Item and then assign serial numbers for the components?  Thanks!  

  • Sales Kits not exploding on order imports

    We are testing sales kits and placed an order originating from our e-commerce site. The first batch of orders failed because the explode kit items field was set to 'Never'. I thought this was my issue, but the kits still have not exploded after altering…

  • Item Maintenance

    Where can I find a detailed explanation of how Item Maintenance works and what each valuation does and setting up Units of Measure? We have a terrible habit of just copying what is done for other items that have been set up in the past. I want everyone…

  • Error Message when using Delete/Change Items

    I am getting this error message when I am going to rename these items. 

    Has anyone every encountered this? I've never seen it before. 

  • Bill of Materials and Transfers

    I just want to bounce some thoughts around. We're a manufacturing and distribution company. We are trying to take into account how many boxes we use for packing our finished goods. These finished goods are sold to our intercompany via p.o and receipt…

  • Tracking Deleted Sales Order w/SKU detail

    We have numerous SKUs with a reorder point of 0 and most are treated as special order product.  We often find that special ordered material arrives from the vendor only to find out the customer cancelled, the SO was deleted and no way to look back at transaction…

  • Physical Count Situation

  • Non-inventory purchase orders

    How do you handle purchase orders for non-inventory items. Two examples - 1) the office heater is broken, we call repair shop to fix it - PO needs to be created to match up with billing invoice,do you just use a comment field?   But do you still have to…

  • After using Delete and Change Items Utility, Item Inquiry/Maintenace is blank

    I was changing a few Item codes usint the Delete and Change Items Utility.  The log report showed that a New Item Code Description was created and the action was a Rename.  When I now search for the item, I can see the new name in the search screen, but…

  • Serialized device floating in limbo.

    I was in the middle of Transferring two Serialized Devices from one Warehouse to another. While in the middle of this sage crashed. Now when I go back in the devices still say they are in the same warehouse but they are not available. How do I fix this…

  • Inventory Valuation Report and Available Quantity

    Hello! i'm hoping you can help me with something that i'm sure is a very simple fix. 

    We run small inventory counts usually to confirm and reconcile backorders or questions about shipments through the month. Usually, we run an inventory valuation…


    We have a ton of components that are set to INACTIVE, that still show up on the WHERE-USED Inquiry lookup and the WHERE-USED Report. How can we get them to not show up? We tested an item and set it to Discontinued and set it to Inactive but it still shows…

  • Automate IRP - Inventory Requirements Planning

    Sage 2021.2 Advanced

    IRP with PM and PO

    Generate based on Plan by-Inventory / Procurement type Purchase and Selection of Warehouse Code to single warehouse

    13K inventory items company wide across 7 warehouses taking 8 hours to generate before…

  • Bad debt and write offs

    My question is what's the correct way to bad debt an inventory item? We have an item that we want to take out of inventory and put to bad debt. I have played different scenarios in my head but not sure which way is the proper way and which GL's it's going…

  • Automatically Distributing Lot Number in S/O Invoice Data Entry through Visual Integrator

    Hello All,

    I've been trying for the last two months to figure out a way to automatically distribute lot numbers by FIFO in S/O invoice data entry using visual integrator. We don't create a sales order before creating the invoice. Each of our inventory…

  • serialized items are showing as available but they have been invoiced

    We are showing a serialized item on hand and available, but it was sold in November 2021.

    History shows the item was received and sold, with no further movement on this serial number

    It's still showing on the Inventory Valuation Report - item in question…

  • Earmark part of a LOT Number not for sale

    Trying to figure out if there is a way to reserve a portion of a LOT Number for Make to Stock finished goods. For instance:

    The company I work for makes paint. If we make a batch of a particular color, give that batch a LOT Number and enter it into Inventory…

  • Lot/Serial Number being populated on Random FIFO Item Codes during Physical Count Entry in Inventory Management Module

    Has anyone seen this before? The Lot/Serial Column, which is normally blank for a FIFO Inventory Item Code, shows a random serial number, from a random Serialized Item Code (in our case this serial number that's showing up really is a serial number of…

  • SAGE 2020 Warehouse Negative Inventory

    Hello everyone,

    Does SAGE have an option to not allow inventory for warehouses to go negative regardless of the transaction type? We are running into issues with multiple warehouses.

    Thank you


    My inventory valuation report is pulling around $9 million dollars and my GL account inventory is pulling around $ 1 million. anyone know how i can fix this or see what the difference is ? 

    Thank you, 

  • Ability to set minimum order quantities (MOQ) by vendor for items.

    Does Sage 100 (v. 2019) provide a method for specifying minimum order quantities by vendor for inventory items? We know how to set minimum order quantities for an item at the warehouse level using "Reorder Maintenance," but we have not found a facility…

  • IM Trial Balance for 2021 is all zeros

    We are using Sage 100c Advanced 2018 with Scanco for warehouse.  All modules except GL are in December 2020.  Every time I try to run the IM Trial Balance it is all zeros.  Our items show up with zero quantites and zero for value.  The runs for 12…

  • Price level bug?

    I don't know if anyone experienced this: 

    I setup a price code for our product.  with price level 1 being the heaviest discount, level 2 being the lesser discount and so forth.  i applied the price code to our product lines.   however i notice in the price…