• Item Codes

    My company has decided to stop assigning item codes to incoming raw materials and instead use generic codes ie: /LAMINATE,  /HARDWARE etc.  The reason for this change is to be able to issue the receipts directly to a job upon the item being received. This…

  • Creating a Custom Field that increments

    Just wanted to run this by for thought.

    Customer wants to print a form, say an invoice, and have it automatically increment a Reference # field.   This reference # is the date plus an A, B, C, etc.  It would go on each invoice printed and increment each…

  • How to map UDFs from the JT_Transaction Entry DIST through to Lot/Serial Transaction History

    I have added UDF's to the JT_Transaction Entry Dist table and added it to the Serial Distribution Panel in Work Ticket Completion.  That works fine.  However, I can't see how to map the UDFs to Lot/Serial Transaction History.  Does anyone know the…

  • WO UDF's to history inquiry

    I’ve added some UDF fields to the WOHeader table which users access from Work Order Entry screen.

    I would like to add these same fields to the Work Order History Inquiry screen, but when I try to add a data field in History Inquiry, the option to…

  • SO Line Item Permissions for UDFs


    • We have some UDF's on the line item used for scheduling orders. 
    • When Orders go on Credit Hold, most user cannot edit the Line Item Detail.  In particular the UDF which they need to update.
    • I can edit with the Admin role, but they cannot.

  • UDF Work order issue.

    We are on Sage 2019 standard.   We are using work order, the original version.   I have added a UDF to the header tab. It is a 1 character multiline that can be Y or N.    When a user creates a new work order they enter data to the ML_UD2_TEXT field on the…

  • Renumber Inventory Item Code using Visual Integrator

    I am looking to renumber an Inventory Item code using Visual Integrator. The items have not been used and therefore have no history. Has any used the IM_DeleteChangeItems table to create a VI job? StartingItemCode;EndingItemCode;NewItemCode?


  • Upgrade to Version 2020 with IM ItemCost UDF's Causes Button Script Failure

    A button script has been working for 8 years that writes 4 string UDF's and the TransactionDate started failing immediately after upgrading to 2020. After getting successful returns on all the SetValue statements, the Write fails (retVal = 0). The IM…

  • Ability to set minimum order quantities (MOQ) by vendor for items.

    Does Sage 100 (v. 2019) provide a method for specifying minimum order quantities by vendor for inventory items? We know how to set minimum order quantities for an item at the warehouse level using "Reorder Maintenance," but we have not found a facility…

  • How to Add Ship To Phone # to Shipping Label

    What is the best way to add the customer Ship To phone number to a shipping label?  I have tried to create a UDF and link with business objects but I don't know to link it back to the Ship to phone field.  The available tables under business objects…

  • Production Management Module File Layouts

    I am trying to implement Production Management module and make some modifications to some of the tables but I can't find the PM (J/T) documentation on my help screens for Sage 100  ver2019.  Has anyone seen any good documentation?

    Specifically, one…

  • Work order UDF issue.

    We are on Sage 2019 standard.   We are using work order, the original version.   I have added a UDF to the header tab. It is a 1 character multiline that can be Y or N.    When a user creates a new work order they enter data to the ML_UD2_TEXT field on the ADDL…

  • Item Maintenance Tab Orders Count


    I am trying to come up with a counter for the number of orders (Standard or Backorders) that an item is on. So far I have tried a script that counts the line inside of SO_SalesOrderDetail but it won't write to the two UDFs made in CI_ITEM. Has…

  • adding customer type in sales order header table


    Is it possible to copy whatever data in AR customer table field "Customer Type" into a UDF in sales order header of that customer's sales order? We want to be able to pull the sales order of that customer and see the "customer type"…

  • Save Ship Date for Reporting

    I'm looking to generate an on time shipment reports that need the Ship Date aka ShipExpireDate from the SalesOrderHeader table to be saved for reporting. I have seen in previous posts that others are using the Promise Date for this information. This however…

  • disable PAY BALANCE box in SAGE 100 ERP

    We are interested in disabling the "pay balance" feature in sage 100ERP  (version ) with regard to credit card transactions. 

    We have a glitch that occurs at our invoicing step that is sending a signal to SAGE PAYMENTS to charge the card…

  • UDF for total qty on purchase order

    I created a UDF to show total qty on purchase order.

    Works fine for new orders, but it's showing 0 for existing orders.

    Any way to update the existing purchase orders to show the total qty on the purchase order?

  • Crystal report formula to show zero on base "im_transaction history" issued

    I was wondering if any one has done this type report 

    I did a custom crystal report that i'm able to see specific item code, but for some reason when i'm running the report those item codes that doesn't have any transaction history is not showing and I…

  • Sales/Customer item inquiry

    We were told that Sage 100c could customize an item inquiry for Sales staff:

    Here's what the sales department is asking for: 

    They want to inquiry on a part number to find out which customers purchased that part and for how much.

    They problem is they…

  • W/O - BOM general quetion

    Sage 100

    We have W/O  and BOM modules in Sage 2014.

    We produce custom mosaic using tile and stone. A couple initial questions.

    1. How can we track time against job/work order?

    2. Create a BOM or template that allows different material to be used in a BOM…

  • Loooong serial numbers!

    Just had a client start using Scanco Warehouse and are switching some items to serial number costing.

    Going great until they came across a manufacturer whose serial numbers are 25-30 characters in length!   Sage 100 serial number field is only 15 characters…

  • Inventory Image in data entry

    Does anyone know if it is possible and if so how, to add the inventory image to line items in SO entry & PO entry?

    Sage 100c ver 2017.

  • designer tab in the sale module


    I do have a problem to see the tab I circle in the picture for some user, it shows in my computer but I have like 4 more users that this tab is not present. I did check the customizer panel and is nothing created.   

    I did some search but I could not…

  • Setting up price levels on Customers

    How to assign inventory item price levels to customers account

  • DPAS Priority Rating from SO to WO/PO/Invoicing - Mapping of UDF

    We need to track the DPAS (Defense Priorities and Allocations System) Ratings that are entered on Sales Orders and flow this information through to WO's that are generated from SO's, any PO's that are tied to SO's and onto any pack lists, invoice etc…