• Work Orders

    Can work orders be automated in the field?

  • Restocking fees

    Do we have ability to charge restocking fees based on price net of prorated discount?


  • deleting warehouses

    Is there any way to delete an active warehouse?

  • Extension on PO daily register incorrect

    v2022.2-PO receipt register qty * unit cost not giving the correct extension. Has anyone experienced this? It posted like this in the GL and if you look at the receipt history in PO it is this incorrect extension as well but on the po clearing report…

  • PV source journals

    Looking for best practice recommendations on how users handle the PV source journals where ROG unit cost differs from ROI. Do you go inventory adjustment to correct the unit cost if so how often monthly, annually etc. Thanks.

  • Kit issue using new "recall invoice" feature when creating a credit memo - Bug?

    Have a client using the new option to recall an invoice when creating a CM and they are getting errors on kit component lines re "missing COGS account".

    In my testing, it appears that 4 fields are not being populated when pulled from history…

  • RMA -Deducting labor for credit memo

    We private brand items for a customer and they have asked to return some items.  

    I know how to subtract the restocking charge, but I need to subtract a fee for the time used to rebrand the product.

    I tried entering as a 'Miscellaneous Fee' and adding…

  • Purchases Clearing Report <> balance with PO clearing GL account

    Specifically asking when you have a PV source journal due to Sage's KB scenario below, what are users best practice recommendations on how they handle the balance sitting in the GL PO clearing account?  Do you leave the costs there, reclass somewhere…

  • Retainage

    Good afternoon, I need help coming up with a way to correctly track Retainage and if Sage 100 can do so? Retainage is sitting in our A/R and skewing our A/R Turnover numbers. Is there a way to invoice retainage separately or track separately? Any help…

  • PM - Selecting "Explode" check box when copying in a template does not bring in sub-bill LABOR

    I have a client whose finished good items are made up of several manufactured components, as well as purchased items.  They had been creating WT for all of the mfd components, but in reality, they VERY RARELY stock these items, but may occasionally have…

  • JC - Closed jobs not purging

    Sage 100 Standard 2013 ERP - no 3rd party add-ons in JC, AR, AP. A handful of shipping add-ons in SO.

    I have a handful of closed jobs that need to be purged that for some reason did not purge via period end processing or the purge utility.


  • Inventory Item Invoiced for Incorrect Amount

    I could really use some help for a best practice here. A vendor overcharged us for an inventory item. To correct this, they issued a Credit Memo for the original (incorrect) invoice amount, and then sent a second invoice for the correct amount. What is…

  • User unable to post inventory transactions from all but one computer.

    Is anyone aware of a setting we're missing.

  • Sales order entry - unit price goes down to 0$ after changing quantity

    Unit price drops down to 0 when changing the quantity of "ordered" on the same line item. Is this normal behavior, or was this intentionally implemented at some point? Can anyone point me in the direction of an article to reverse this?


  • How to correct unit cost. Invoice entered incorrectly.

    I could use some assistance on making an adjustment in inventory management. There was an invoice entered incorrectly last month. The unit of measure was incorrect as entered which is causing issues in our unit price for the item. The previous month is…

  • Unit Cost is messed up over time, how?

    Hi, I need some help on this unit cost. PO cost was around $32.00 for this product. We buy one at $32, and then sell it. For some reason, the cost changed over time, and became unrealistically big. I'm wondering what might have changed it. I don't see…

  • What criteria is used for Sage to classify an item as "sold" vs an "issue" when viewing the history tab in item inquiry.

    I am trying to determine what criteria Sage uses when classifying transactions as either "sold" or "Issued".  Any guidance would be appreciated.

  • Negative amounts on PO.

    Does anyone have any idea why an inventory item would show a negative amount on PO. The inventory trial balance report does not show any of the negative PO amounts, and I don't see them on the Detail Transaction Report, either. I am having trouble locating…

  • Reopen a Completed PO

    Is there a way to allow non-Admin Sage 100 users the ability to Re-Open Completed PO's?

    Quite often we get late Invoices or additional quantity received after the PO has automatically been changed to Completed status, due to 10% Completion rule or…

  • Work Order WIP discrepancy issue

    Hi All,

    Came across an issue in Work Order I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on -  for a given work order, we are simply issuing the necessary raw materials out of inventory for the work order, then completing the finished goods, however…

  • Item Maintenance

    Where can I find a detailed explanation of how Item Maintenance works and what each valuation does and setting up Units of Measure? We have a terrible habit of just copying what is done for other items that have been set up in the past. I want everyone…

  • PO ROG not all items posted to GL

    Client on 2021 has a ROG listing where 3 ROG did not post to GL.  They have a drill down on the ROG record pointing to the GL posting, but their receipts are not a part of it.  I've checked the GL account, verified it's not DropShip, and it IS an inventory…

  • Error Message when using Delete/Change Items

    I am getting this error message when I am going to rename these items. 

    Has anyone every encountered this? I've never seen it before. 

  • Bill of Materials and Transfers

    I just want to bounce some thoughts around. We're a manufacturing and distribution company. We are trying to take into account how many boxes we use for packing our finished goods. These finished goods are sold to our intercompany via p.o and receipt…

  • Imported Lines flagged Drop Ship Need a PO Created?

    Trying to think out this situation before attempting to script it out.  We have orders being imported into Sage 100, some lines are "drop ship" if they are from this one certain vendor.  When the customer orders from this vendor a PO is generated…