• Error Message when using Delete/Change Items

    I am getting this error message when I am going to rename these items. 

    Has anyone every encountered this? I've never seen it before. 

  • Inventory Item Stuck with Quantity 'In Shipping' When None are There

    We have an item that is showing with a quantity of 4 "in shipping" which we can not clear or zero out. There are no open sales orders for that item currently. Also there are no invoices for that item which have not posted. I have checked in the AR module…

  • Work Order Traveler Printing Permissions

    I have a role that only prints blank work orders when ever WOT printing is processed.  Header detail of the crystal report appears but all fields and details are blank.

    Im holding the Role Maintenance of a working role side by side with the non-working…

  • PO and mfg variance calculations (PPV)

    I'm trying to understand exactly what is in the  the PPV amounts (and how calculated) on our Sage income statement so we understand the information reported, if the manual JE's are correct,a and if we need to change our processes. 

    We have two GL…

  • Serialized item on hand but not available.

    I am trying to assign a serial number that shows it is on hand, but when I try to assign it to the sales order, it is not available?  How do I correct this?  Sage 100 v.2017 v

    Any suggestions on how to correct this would be appreciated.

  • How to append a Lot # when transferring from 1 Whs to another?

    To start off, we are on Sage 100c Advanced v2018.2

    How can we append an original Lot # when transferring qty from 1 whs to another?

    Create PO for Qty = 100,000. 

    ROG the full Qty 100,000 to an offsite warehouse ("OFF") with Lot # 12345. 


  • Crystal report formula to show zero on base "im_transaction history" issued

    I was wondering if any one has done this type report 

    I did a custom crystal report that i'm able to see specific item code, but for some reason when i'm running the report those item codes that doesn't have any transaction history is not showing and I…

  • Work Order Adjustments

    In Sage 100c Advanced 2016, Updated a completion step of Work Order.  Some items posted to scrap with all the cost and some items posted to inventory with no cost.  Somehow the cost was all posted to scrap.  Now if we complete other steps in the Work Order…

  • Purchase Order is not transferring items to Inventory Upon receiving.

    We are experiencing an issue with our Purchase Order receipts on one particular POO we have recently received.

    The PO was received, but never post ed the items to our inventory.  Went back to review the PO, but it is now show zero items in it, but the…

  • how to change UOM for item already in inventory

    I have a few items in inventory that were purchased at one UOM and I would like to change them to a different UOM.  What would be the correct way steps to do that?

  • Purchases Clearance Accounting Question

    Currently we are on Sage 100 2014.  We have finished product that is assembled from homeworkers and received/entered via Inventory Adjustment / Receipts.  In this entry we calculate the cost of the item based on the raw materials and the labor to assemble…

  • inventory transfer

    Is there a way to assign a particular g/l account at the warehouse level when doing an inventory transfer?

    For example, I have a scrap warehouse.  For this warehouse, I would like to use a separate inventory account for transfers.

    Is this possible?

  • Direct Labor Costs Built into Bill of Materials for Items Sold as a Kit (always explode)

    We have a packaging company with a large variety of items which are packed to order. As we don’t prepack, virtually all our sales are through kits with the option selected to “always explode”. We do have a bill of materials (BOM) for each kit as items…

  • Inventory Stock Status Report vs. Physical Count Variance Register

    We are currently using MAS 200 for inventory reconciliation.  I use the stock status report to balance our physical counts to MAS, giving us a potential variance amount.  Once I enter the physical count numbers into physical count entry I am finding that…