• Importing Material transactions in v2022 (Sage version, not Scanco)

    After a rocky start, PM v2022 is moving forward.  Now the next challenge is importing work ticket transactions for material.  Has anyone successfully done this?  The only KB I found was 116044.  It referred it to your reseller for assistance.  Who are you…

  • Import list of product to run the Gross Requirements Report

    We use the Gross Requirement Report frequently and would like to know if it's possible to import the product list and its quantity instead of manually enter hundred of item numbers each time.  It's seems that the last ran list is stored in table BM_ComponentReportSelection…

  • VI Job

    Trying to create a VI job to create production entries.  Have some items that sell only a few each, but when you add the group up it is 100 entries for 747 sales.

    Want to automate the production entry.  Nothing is lot numbered or consumes lot numbered items…

  • EZ import

    Where are the EZ import files located.  Where can I find import examples?

  • Import backorder PO's New Implementation

    Is it possible to import backordered PO's ? I see the qty backorder is a field to be able to import into in VI; however when I try to use it, it fails with a message "you cannot set backordered, invalid order status". This happens when I set the order…

  • Import PO using Visual Integrator

    Trying to import POs with different Units of Measure in the lines. Inventory item is set up with Purchase UOM TON and Sales UOM LB. For some reason, the imported PO has a quality error (when UOM is different from the Purchase UOM, it multiply the conversion…

  • Sage 100 2020 VI for JT Tables

    Hi, I am attempting to export the JT_Template table to turn around and import the file in another company.  The only field not coming through the export is the Text field from tab 6 of WT Template Maintenance.  The field in the Data tab of the export says…

  • Can you add new products using Visual Integrator?

    I need to add several hundred product from our website into sage. I can export product codes from our website, and I'd prefer to format descriptions on one master excel sheet. Can you "mass add" products using VI? I'm a bit new to VI, so I wanted to ask…

  • Work Ticket Entry – Import using Visual Integrator

    I am working on importing into Work Ticket Header in Sage 100 version 2020 Premium working with Production Management. I am trying to create the same action that occurs in the user interface of Work Ticket Entry in Production Management. In the UI of…

  • Bulk Delete of Bill of Materials for ProductType in KIT

    So we have around 1800 Items in inventory that are labeled KIT, when they should be Finished Goods. We are unable to move the majority of these records to their proper status because most have a Bill of Materials attached. What we are trying to determine…

  • Is there a way to add a record count at the end of a VI export job

    I am trying to run a VI job that contains a record count at the end of the file being exported.  However, I don't know if there is a way to do this within Visual Integrator (using Sage 100 v2018).

  • Visual Integrator Export data from multiple company codes

    I am tasked with exporting certain fields from our Sage 100 v2018 AP_Vendor table to a third party.  However the data needs to encompass all of our company codes.  Is there a way to do that within VI?

  • Import Shipping Batch

    I am using VI to Import an SO Invoice batch. The batch is automatically being created as an Invoice batch (batch type I). I need it to be a Shipping Batch (batch type S).  I don't see anywhere where that can be assigned in the import job. Other than DFDM…

  • Using VI to update Projected Demand

    Hello all. I am attempting to use Visual Integrator to update my company's projected demands on the fly. I am attempting to import into the MP.SCHED table. The problem I'm running into is that the import fails on the CUST_NUMBER field if this is left…

  • Inventory Transaction import question

    I'm importing inventory issues.  I want to default the "Enter exceeds on hand qty" to Yes.

    I think this is possible - just can't remember how to do it.


  • Customer Price Schedule

    I would like to delete the 'Customer Price Schedule' for just 1 customer.  Is there an easy way to do this without having to delete each item individually?

    I noticed another reply that mentioned something about script - which is foreign to me and…

  • VI Job for Inventory Transaction with lot or serial numbers

    Hello All,

    Running: Sage 100 2017 V5.40

    Here is the problem.  Need to import inventory transactions however, getting this message on the import. (Already checked inventory is there and good)

    Please help, I have tired everything even SAGE without success…

  • what table is to assign paperless office for customers with email address?

    I would like to update all our customers to receive invoice via email pdf, what table should I use for import? Also is there a way for us to set all new customers to have the Paperless office PDF to have the email checked?


  • Import into the BM_ComponentReportSelection.M4T

    Is there any way to populate the BM_ComponentReportSelection.M4T  without manually keying it in the Gross Requirements Report?   It is not an available table to import into for Bill of Materials.



  • Importing Sales Order with Credit Card Pre-Auth getting error

    I am trying to import our Web Sales orders with Credit Card Pre-Auth and getting this error.  Anyone know what this error means?


  • Table not listed in in VI import job maintenance table list (but is listed in VI export job)

    I'm attempting to create a job in visual integrator to update info in a table column from a CSV file, but am running into the issue that the table does not appear in the table list when creating the new import job (the export job works without issue)…

  • Update records with combine keys(records)

    When we import by Visual Integrator to update certain records it adding on another line instead of updating.

    Needed to update price_columns on AR_PriceLevelByCustomerPriceCode, where expected it will update the 'pricelevel' by looking the combination…

  • Replace Component with Another in only some Bill of Materials

    We have a new part that will be taking the place of an existing part, but only in some of the bills in which the current part is used in.  The existing part is used in hundreds of bills, but it is only a suitable replacement in less than a hundred of the…

  • Sales Order PDF Import

    We have a client that receives about 50 to 60 Sales Orders a day via PDF's that are being emailed to them.  They would like to be able to process those orders through a program that will convert them to a file format that can be automatically imported…

  • Next Work Order Number

    I am trying to create a VI job to import work orders.  The job works fine, but there does not appear to be the option to use the next available work order number., the "Next Assign" feature is not available.  Does anyone know how I can auto assign…