• Work Ticket Entry – Import using Visual Integrator

    I am working on importing into Work Ticket Header in Sage 100 version 2020 Premium working with Production Management. I am trying to create the same action that occurs in the user interface of Work Ticket Entry in Production Management. In the UI of…

  • Import Shipping Batch

    I am using VI to Import an SO Invoice batch. The batch is automatically being created as an Invoice batch (batch type I). I need it to be a Shipping Batch (batch type S).  I don't see anywhere where that can be assigned in the import job. Other than DFDM…

  • Import Bills for Component Requirement calculation

    We are constantly updating the Bill #'s & Quantities for Gross Requirement Reports.

    In an effort to eliminate that data entry, I am looking for tips on importing this data into the table (whatever table that is).

    Thanks, Scott

  • How can I export any/all the email addresses in paperless office?

     I would like to have a list of all email address associated with every account, but I am not aware of a method to do this.

  • MRP Import

    I'm attempting to import MRP Demands for a client, but unlike the entry screens, the imports will not work without a customer number.  They don't want a customer number related to the forecasted demand.  Is there a workaround other than using an…

  • Importing Sales Order With Existing Pre-Auth

    Has anyone had experience importing data into Sales Order Entry for a credit card order that has already been pre-authorized outside of Sage 100 ERP? In particular, we're working with Sage 100 ERP Advanced 2013 PU3 and an online store that uses a third…