• Prevent item from being added to an invoice

    Is there a way to prevent an item being invoiced from a sales order?

    For example, the item is still under Q&A testing, and the item should not ship until testing has been completed.

  • Inventory Item Type

    Do you have to list a product type on the Item Maintenance screen?  What if you don't want to breakdown your inventory items?

  • Sales Kits not exploding on order imports

    We are testing sales kits and placed an order originating from our e-commerce site. The first batch of orders failed because the explode kit items field was set to 'Never'. I thought this was my issue, but the kits still have not exploded after altering…

  • Default Warehouse Precedence

    We want the default warehouse for specific customer ship-to locations to carry over to sales order line items. I have successfully set it up so that the warehouse is set correctly on the sales order header based on the ship-to location.

    However, the warehouse…

  • Disable Auto Increment for Lot/Serial Number Distribution in Shipping Data Entry

    Upgraded to Sage 100c Advanced v2022.1 with OM PU1 from v2019.2

    Shipping Setup Options has Auto Increment disabled, but when distributing Lot Numbers in in Shipping Data Entry, the Auto Increment in the Lot/Serial Number Distribution window is enabled…

  • Lot/Serial Inquiry no longer shows complete list of transactions.

    In 2019 the Lot/Serial Inquiry listed all the transactions in the grid when a Lot/Serial Number was selected.

    Now, since 2020.1, with the addition of Lot/Serial Traceability, Lot/Serial Inquiry only gives a list of the Item Codes. If you want to see transactions…

  • Work order release

    Does anyone know of a system setting that will allow me to have work orders be automatically released when I create them in Work Order Entry?  Thus, eliminating the need to go into Work Order Transaction Entry to Release them after i create them.

  • Currency Conversion

    Does SAGE 100 have Canadian/USD conversion (have an A/R in Canadian dollars for Canadian customers and an A/R in USD for US customers)

  • How do I create BOM item using the same component item code as the bill number?

    A finished good item was changed to a kit item.  In BOM maintenance the bill number is a finished good number. However, the component used for this kit, has the same item code.

    I get an error saying "the item code you have entered (SROP7000) is the same…

  • Production Management v2022

    Need some perspective with what I am seeing in PM.

    Screen below is from the materials tab of work ticket entry.  The first 225 LINES are from the requirements import (CSV file).  After that are quantities from inventory transaction entry (materials).  Most…

  • Non-inventory purchase orders

    How do you handle purchase orders for non-inventory items. Two examples - 1) the office heater is broken, we call repair shop to fix it - PO needs to be created to match up with billing invoice,do you just use a comment field?   But do you still have to…

  • Sales order UOM is different than SO Invoice UOM

    Customer orders in cases but need to invoice in pounds.  Cases may or may not be exact weight, each case may have a different weight.  Similarly, order from Vendors is in cases but are invoiced by the vendor in pounds.  Again, case may or may not be exact…

  • After using Delete and Change Items Utility, Item Inquiry/Maintenace is blank

    I was changing a few Item codes usint the Delete and Change Items Utility.  The log report showed that a New Item Code Description was created and the action was a Rename.  When I now search for the item, I can see the new name in the search screen, but…

  • Item Maintenance, Orders tab, Sales Order... click to sort by date: does not work properly

    Customer complained with v2021.2 Advanced.  Verified in v2022.1 Standard with ABC data.

    In the above example, sorted by the Promise Date column, the 2nd line should be listed first... but the order list seems to be sorted by day of the month (not properly…

  • Closing work orders

    We just created our work order template in our new company. We were able to get the work orders placed and printing but when we tried to close the work order we got an error, Logical end of  record reached. How do we fix this?

  • Customer Pricing/Item Pricing

    In our current system, we assign an alphanumeric price level/discount to each customer.  Each item also has the same alphanumeric price level

    A = no discount

    B = 25% discount

    C= 30% discount

    D = 20% discount

    E = 15% discount

    We would like to add another…

  • How to find a Vendor Invoice No and Line Detail easily

    Can someone please tell me how to easily find a vendor invoice detail lines from a PO number?  

    The reason why i ask is that both the window through the "Receipts" button in Purchase Order History Inquiry and Receipt History Inquiry doesn't seem to capture…

  • What module would be best for new services?

    We currently use all the core modules (GL, AP, AR, BR, PR, IM, PO,  plus Job Cost and Time Card. I am looking for something, for example - we may have 1-3 jobs at a time (up to 90 days each), each job will have 2-3 work tickets, and each work ticket generates…

  • Sales order ship date

    On a sales order if Quote is selected the Expire date is automatically changes to 30 days later - great

    is there a way to make the ship date automatically default to two weeks later then the order date when a Standard order is selected?  If so where would…

  • Exploding Kits not calculating costs or reducing inventory

    We are testing exploding kits to be able to sell bundled items and have teh cost calculate from the components and the inventory of the individual components reduced with sales of the kits. In our test environment though, neither of these things are happening…

  • Dealing with "committed" inventory

    Does anyone have parts inventory for sale that also deals with this confusing "committed" inventory column?  Can we shut down committed because it just seems to cause more confusion than for little benfit it gives?

    Or, how do we deal with this…

  • Sage 100c 2021.2 - Production Management -> Mobility -> Manufacturing EZ Import

    How is this EZ Import UI launched from CLI / task scheduler instead of having to run an instance of SAGE to access the command and locking the desktop?

  • Production Management - Work Ticket Template Maintenance -> new object creation with incorrect material posting on steps from copy process

    Using Production Management->Setup->Work Ticket Template Maintenance and creating a new object:

    1) Input unique NEW template number that does not exist in the system

    2)  choose COPY (from Open Work Ticket) from the Message Box

    3) Select existing…

  • Multiple Boxes for One Item

    We have a user that has an inventory item that comes in three boxes.  When they print a Pick Sheet they want to be able to show the three boxes on the sheet so that the Picker doesn't accidentally only ship one box.   We were thinking of using Inventory…

  • Not able to add G/L account in Purchase Order


    I am trying to create purchase order in sage100c v2021 using PO script but getting error "G/L account is required" while adding item line
    this is my script in c# and i am referring the table "PO_PurchaseOrder_bus" for PO fields