• Restocking fees

    Do we have ability to charge restocking fees based on price net of prorated discount?


  • Extension on PO daily register incorrect

    v2022.2-PO receipt register qty * unit cost not giving the correct extension. Has anyone experienced this? It posted like this in the GL and if you look at the receipt history in PO it is this incorrect extension as well but on the po clearing report…

  • Kit issue using new "recall invoice" feature when creating a credit memo - Bug?

    Have a client using the new option to recall an invoice when creating a CM and they are getting errors on kit component lines re "missing COGS account".

    In my testing, it appears that 4 fields are not being populated when pulled from history…

  • RMA -Deducting labor for credit memo

    We private brand items for a customer and they have asked to return some items.  

    I know how to subtract the restocking charge, but I need to subtract a fee for the time used to rebrand the product.

    I tried entering as a 'Miscellaneous Fee' and adding…

  • Retainage

    Good afternoon, I need help coming up with a way to correctly track Retainage and if Sage 100 can do so? Retainage is sitting in our A/R and skewing our A/R Turnover numbers. Is there a way to invoice retainage separately or track separately? Any help…

  • User unable to post inventory transactions from all but one computer.

    Is anyone aware of a setting we're missing.

  • PO ROG not all items posted to GL

    Client on 2021 has a ROG listing where 3 ROG did not post to GL.  They have a drill down on the ROG record pointing to the GL posting, but their receipts are not a part of it.  I've checked the GL account, verified it's not DropShip, and it IS an inventory…

  • Imported Lines flagged Drop Ship Need a PO Created?

    Trying to think out this situation before attempting to script it out.  We have orders being imported into Sage 100, some lines are "drop ship" if they are from this one certain vendor.  When the customer orders from this vendor a PO is generated…

  • Sage 100 Warehouse Inventory prevent from going negative


    Is there any way to disallow negative balances for items in warehouses in Sage 100?

    We currently use FIFO valuation, just looking for a way to prevent transactions that send an item in a warehouse into negative balance.

    SAGE 2020 Warehouse Negative…

  • Add Sales Order Lines in Shipping Data Entry

    I would like the ability to add new SO lines in Shipping Data Entry.

    Reviewing SO Options, Shipping Setup Options, and Shipper ID Maintenance, I don't see a setting that would allow that. Am I missing something or is there some other way to do it? I don…

  • Why does my *item in sales order not show on my picking sheets for shipping to "ship"

    Trying to figure out why " *item" line items show at time shipping is picking the order in one Company, but not in a different company.  I feel like something is not turned on in the company.

  • Inventory Item Stuck with Quantity 'In Shipping' When None are There

    We have an item that is showing with a quantity of 4 "in shipping" which we can not clear or zero out. There are no open sales orders for that item currently. Also there are no invoices for that item which have not posted. I have checked in the AR module…

  • Void credit card authorization on sales order

    Several versions ago we were able to void a credit card authorization on a sales order but haven't been able to get it to work on Sage100cloud Advanced 2019 Version  We are using Paya.

    I have confirmed that the Library Master, Security settings…

  • I pay and invoice but it still show open


    Yesterday I pay and invoice I did the check but still showing open in the vendor's file.

    can someone help me to see how to correct that.  I did check the daily transaction registry and is empty,

    when i try to applied it again it say that is…

  • Incorrect cost on closed work order

    We created a work order for a part number and accidentally put the unit cost in as $1,486.4667 instead of $14.8429. The work order is closed and inventory is overstated.


  • FIFO Item valuation and PM Work Ticket closing method of Standard variance suggestions?

    SAGE 100c 2021.2 Advanced

    Production Management Work Ticket Close

    Does anyone use FIFO valuation on Items and close work tickets using standard close method? 

    Our standard cost in Item Maintenance is slightly higher than Actual build cost and the register…

  • PO Daily Receipt Registers posting VERY (!) slow

    Sage 100c Advanced 2018 v6.00.10.0

    When we update a Receipt of Good Register, even for just a small receipt, it can take 30 minutes or more to update.   No other updates in the system take as long

    Is there a way to refresh the work/crystal files so as to…

  • Automatically print backorder pick tickets?

    With raw materials and shortages we have found that we are shipping more shipments leaving a backorder in our system than ever before.  Historically, shipping would go in and print a new ticket with the backorder and keep it until it could be filled.  Our…

  • Shipping data entry sending items in multiple packages with packing list for each package

    We have a client who has a customer who wants a packing list for the items that are in each box shipped for the order and not the whole order on the packing list.  Does anyone have a similar issue?

  • Sales kit cost on invoices

    I am using Sage 100 and invoicing in the Sales Order module.  When I use a kit, no cost shows up, not on the invoice screen or when I print the invoice.  However, if I act like I am going to post the batch (but don't actually post/update it) and go back…

  • serialized items are showing as available but they have been invoiced

    We are showing a serialized item on hand and available, but it was sold in November 2021.

    History shows the item was received and sold, with no further movement on this serial number

    It's still showing on the Inventory Valuation Report - item in question…

  • Lines added to a purchase order that shouldn't be there

    A client entered a purchase order, printed it and sent it to the vendor.

    They went back to Purchase Order Entry, and three items were automatically added to the order mysteriously.

    It appears that items from another order are showing up on this order…

  • Can I apply landed cost during invoice entry? Inbound freight is not known during receipt of goods entry.

    We often order stock items on a PO where the inbound freight amount is TBD or an estimated amount that is only known/determined when we receive the vendor's invoice. From what I can tell, landed freight costs are applied during Receipt of Goods. Since…

  • Subcontractor inventory

    Can you send me step by step instructions as to how to receive inventory that is partially assembled outside of the factory and brought in house to be completed to a finished product?

  • SO Shipping Batch No. missing on Invoice

    Occasionally we get an Invoice that is missing the Batch No. from when it was created via Shipping Data Entry.  We have multiple batches a day, usually separated out between EDI and Non-EDI orders and/or AM vs. PM shipments; totally anywhere between 2…