• Tracking Deleted Sales Order w/SKU detail

    We have numerous SKUs with a reorder point of 0 and most are treated as special order product.  We often find that special ordered material arrives from the vendor only to find out the customer cancelled, the SO was deleted and no way to look back at transaction…

  • Physical Count Situation

  • Error 36 In Physical Count

    I am trying to take a physical count of a few new items I recently imported through VI, not sure why I am getting this error, items seem pretty basic.  Don't see any other instances of the same error in the forums.

  • Updating BOM Cost Amounts

    I am new to Sage and in over my head as our former controller left without any transition.  I would like to update the Labor and Overhead rates in our BOM module.  We have about 400 products that have varying cost components, but all have labor and overhead…

  • Purge obsolete extended descriptions

    I'm trying to reduce the extended description file.  I have 190,000 items and the extended description file is over 540,000 records.  I have run the purge utility for 2-1/2 days and finally killed the task.  Atfer 2-1/2 days, the record count in DFDM…

  • Add Sales Order Lines in Shipping Data Entry

    I would like the ability to add new SO lines in Shipping Data Entry.

    Reviewing SO Options, Shipping Setup Options, and Shipper ID Maintenance, I don't see a setting that would allow that. Am I missing something or is there some other way to do it? I don…

  • PM Work Ticket (Estimate/Quote) Material tab line cost update post creation without deleting and readding of lines

    PM Work Ticket (Estimate/Quote) created with steps and materials. New item pricing for IM module input due to increase from vendor a few days later.

    Go to WT post creation and old pricing remains in Estimate.

    How can we trigger an update to Materials…

  • Why does my *item in sales order not show on my picking sheets for shipping to "ship"

    Trying to figure out why " *item" line items show at time shipping is picking the order in one Company, but not in a different company.  I feel like something is not turned on in the company.

  • Sales Kits

    We currently have sales kits set up in Sage 100, but I notice that when an order is entered, it does not reflect in the Sales Kit, but only in the components.

    Is there a way to correct this?

    Quantities showing on Sales Kit Item

    Quantities as shown on…

  • FIFO Items and Credit Memos

    We are using FIFO for items which results in different tiers existing for PO receipts and this is working as expected.
    And actually we have been using FIFO for quite a few years.
    Sales Orders are created and later invoiced. Due to the nature of our business…

  • Inventory Item Stuck with Quantity 'In Shipping' When None are There

    We have an item that is showing with a quantity of 4 "in shipping" which we can not clear or zero out. There are no open sales orders for that item currently. Also there are no invoices for that item which have not posted. I have checked in the AR module…

  • Paya Virtual Terminal Settlement Report totals incorrect

    I have been having an issue with the totals on the Settlement reports in Virtual Terminal not being correct since May. Some days they are okay, but most days they just do not sum properly. I've had 2 support cases open with Paya and not only are they…

  • Void credit card authorization on sales order

    Several versions ago we were able to void a credit card authorization on a sales order but haven't been able to get it to work on Sage100cloud Advanced 2019 Version  We are using Paya.

    I have confirmed that the Library Master, Security settings…

  • Operation Codes setup in Production Management 2022

    new install of sage standard 2022 v 7.10...trying to setup fixed overhead costs in PM and just not working out for me...

    In W/O we used operation codes, parts per hour, to determine machine rates and labor costs.

    I find labor, working just fine, but cannot…

  • Outside Process PO

    I'm new to Sage.

    In my previous company, we would send out products to be silkscreened. 

    Example: Blank Cup (Part A) gets sent out, supplier prints an image on the cup, and sends it back (Part B).

    When we generate an Outside Process PO to the supplier…

  • I pay and invoice but it still show open


    Yesterday I pay and invoice I did the check but still showing open in the vendor's file.

    can someone help me to see how to correct that.  I did check the daily transaction registry and is empty,

    when i try to applied it again it say that is…

  • Serialized device floating in limbo.

    I was in the middle of Transferring two Serialized Devices from one Warehouse to another. While in the middle of this sage crashed. Now when I go back in the devices still say they are in the same warehouse but they are not available. How do I fix this…

  • Incorrect cost on closed work order

    We created a work order for a part number and accidentally put the unit cost in as $1,486.4667 instead of $14.8429. The work order is closed and inventory is overstated.


  • Automate IRP - Inventory Requirements Planning

    Sage 2021.2 Advanced

    IRP with PM and PO

    Generate based on Plan by-Inventory / Procurement type Purchase and Selection of Warehouse Code to single warehouse

    13K inventory items company wide across 7 warehouses taking 8 hours to generate before…

  • Adjust Customer PO#

    Is there a way to adjust a customer PO# once an invoice has posted? I have worked through the steps on adjusting an invoice and it will change the PO number when you are in invoices and looking at the customer PO# but on the actual invoice it is not modified…

  • Perfect reversal of transaction using Return of Goods.

    When we receive orders from certain vendors, it credits the prepaid inventory, like so: 

    However, when we return the order using the Return of Goods Entry, this is how it returns the order: 

    The Prepaid inventory should be debited, not these accounts…

  • Debit Memo/Credit/Invoice

    Is there a way of creating these without automatically notifying the customer? Sometimes we are working with a company's accounting dept to make adjustments etc but then their shipping department gets a notification from a DM and they call confused as…

  • Bad debt and write offs

    My question is what's the correct way to bad debt an inventory item? We have an item that we want to take out of inventory and put to bad debt. I have played different scenarios in my head but not sure which way is the proper way and which GL's it's going…

  • bill of material global change possible?

    We have changed the raw material item, which gets used in hundreds of BOMs.  Is it possible to do a global change, or do you have to go into each BOM and change it?

  • FIFO Item valuation and PM Work Ticket closing method of Standard variance suggestions?

    SAGE 100c 2021.2 Advanced

    Production Management Work Ticket Close

    Does anyone use FIFO valuation on Items and close work tickets using standard close method? 

    Our standard cost in Item Maintenance is slightly higher than Actual build cost and the register…