Item Maintenance

Where can I find a detailed explanation of how Item Maintenance works and what each valuation does and setting up Units of Measure? We have a terrible habit of just copying what is done for other items that have been set up in the past. I want everyone that touches our inventory whether it's p.o.s, receipts, bill of materials, production entry, to understand why the set up of an item is important. We have a constant issue of having to undo production because the cost to make our items is too high and it's always because the units of measure are off in item maintenance.

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    I would suggest reaching out to your Reseller of Record for Sage 100, for assistance in learning more about the Inventory Management Module; they should be capable of training you and your staff on the proper processes and procedures related to utilizing a Perpetual Inventory System.  Optionally, you an check Sage Software University for courses related to the Distribution Suite of Modules (Inventory, Sales Order and Purchase Order).

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    In Item Maintenance, click the "?" button in the lower right for the help files, which can explain what each field setting means.

    For default field values, look at Product Line Maintenance where you can set some values (which get copied to new items in that PL, automatically).

    For UoM, avoid generic terms like "BOX" or "CASE" which can mean different things for different items.  For a case of 12 or 1000, we use "C12" or "C1K" to make things clear and unambiguous.  There is also a special value (I think it is "EA" or "EACH") where consumed component values round up to the next integer value... which I am not sure is documented anywhere.