Lot/Serial Inquiry no longer shows complete list of transactions.

In 2019 the Lot/Serial Inquiry listed all the transactions in the grid when a Lot/Serial Number was selected.

Now, since 2020.1, with the addition of Lot/Serial Traceability, Lot/Serial Inquiry only gives a list of the Item Codes. If you want to see transactions you have to select the item code. If there are multiple transactions for multiple item codes, this takes an inordinate amount of time and effort.

We have a client who uses this all the time in 2019 and, now in a test environment in 2022, is very unhappy with all the extra scrolling and looking up that needs to be done.

Can anyone think of a way to remove the Item Code field from the "new" Lot/Serial Inquiry so that the behavior reverts to how it was in 2019?