Sage 100 Warehouse Inventory prevent from going negative


Is there any way to disallow negative balances for items in warehouses in Sage 100?

We currently use FIFO valuation, just looking for a way to prevent transactions that send an item in a warehouse into negative balance.

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I saw this thread, but we use neither Average nor Standard valuation and the role permission referenced is already unchecked for applicable roles.


Specifically on a transfer from warehouse to warehouse there is no warning or error message, and it allows you to transfer things as far into the negatives as you want. On an issue it provides a soft error message, but you can click right through the warning, and it will let you do it.

Is there any way to block this kind of thing from happening?


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  • Script a lookup to IM_ItemWarehouse to check the QoH during line entry in the various business objects.  The big problem with that is accounting for unposted transaction quantities (e.g. two invoices for 10, when you only have 10 on hand...).  Sage has fields for committed quantities, but you also have to consider, if editing a transaction, that transaction's quantity may be in the committed number.  You really have to know scripting (and the way Sage business objects work) to do it properly.

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