• CRM setup for small company on single machine or small local network

    Is it documented somewhere the setup needed for a small 2 user installation with Sage 100c 2018 with CRM 2018?

     Would prefer a local installation. Single machine or small network.

  • How to download Sage CRM 7.3, or is it Sage CRM 2017?

    I'm attempting to setup a test system of Sage CRM with the possible goal of eventually integrating it with Sage 100c Advanced 2016. The GAP document says that Sage CRM for Sage 100 2016 can be either 7.3 SP3 or 2017 R1 or R2. It also mentions 7.3 SP2…

  • We are ready to upgrade our MAS100 2013/CRM7.2 installation

    Has anyone upgraded to 2015/7.3 or 2016/7.3?  How'd it go?

    We are heavy CRM users and have to have a smooth upgrade.

    Thanks so much,