• Wrong Company Name coming over to CRM Opportunity

    When I am in Sage 100 Sales Order entry I am clicking the 'Assign' buttom for the Sage CRM Opportunity to sync the quote over to CRM.  When I went to the CRM Opportunites main screen, the wrong company name is associated with the quote.  How is…

  • CRM setup for small company on single machine or small local network

    Is it documented somewhere the setup needed for a small 2 user installation with Sage 100c 2018 with CRM 2018?

     Would prefer a local installation. Single machine or small network.

  • CRM Company Options "Update Partially Invoiced Orders in Sage CRM"

    I have a client that is experiencing issues with the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader table getting updated with bad Date/User Created values when an order (originating from CRM) is partially shipped and then modified (typically line comments get added to backordered…

  • [New Order]… reducing the time to next screen

    Using Sage 100c 2017 v5.40 & CRM 2017 R2, I find it takes north of 22 - 25 seconds for the "Create New Sage CRM Order" screen to appear. It's not much but another 4 seconds after hitting the [#] button for Sage CRM Opportunity.

    I would…

  • How to download Sage CRM 7.3, or is it Sage CRM 2017?

    I'm attempting to setup a test system of Sage CRM with the possible goal of eventually integrating it with Sage 100c Advanced 2016. The GAP document says that Sage CRM for Sage 100 2016 can be either 7.3 SP3 or 2017 R1 or R2. It also mentions 7.3 SP2…

  • Customer Memos

    I'm looking for a way to mass edit/delete memos in customer maintenance in accounts relievable. I'm trying to clean up and delete memo codes so it will be more organized to pull reports. I currently have to look up everyone's account and manually…

  • Syncing Sage 100 customers to Sage CRM without using Relationship Management Wizard

    We are looking to move customers from our Sage 100 system to Sage CRM.  We have a 3rd-party application that generates customers and we feed them into Sage 100 using VI.  That part works fine.

    However, it's not possible to trigger the creation of a Sage…

  • Act vs CRM in Sage 100c 2017

    Anyone using ACT instead of CRM in Sage 100c 2017?


  • Quotes from Sage 100 ERP integration as PDF (cross-posted)


    Can PDFs that we create through Crystal Reports in ERP be automatically loaded into CRM quotes/documents?

    We're working with a Sage CRM 7.3a & Sage 100 ERP integration, and therefore we are creating quotes and orders using the ERP Sales Order Entry…

  • Prospect promotion from CRM not setting Open Item Customer in Sage 100


    We have Sage 100c Advanced 2016, and Sage CRM 7.3 SP3.    In Sage 100 > Customer Relationship Management > Customer Template Maintenance, the Open Item Customer value is checked.  However, when you promote a prospect from Sage CRM, the newly…

  • Copying UDFS in SO when using COPY FROM via CRM

    I have some UDFs in Sales Order Header that are setup to copy when using the Copy From.  This does not work when using SO Entry from CRM.  Is there something I'm missing, or some work around other than doing the orders from within Sage?  (Which is not…

  • Maintain Relationship Relate checkbox greyed out

    To do a company merge in SageCRM with a Company that is related in ERP100 you must first uncheck the related checkbox in Maintain relationship.  I have a client that has several companies that the checkbox is greyed out.  Does anyone know why? 


  • Sage 100 V 2013 Compatibility With Sage CRM

    We are upgrading a client from MAS 200 EES Version 1.4  to Sage 100 Advanced Version 2013. 

     MAS 200 Version 1.4 is currently integrated with  Sage CRM Version 7.0.d.2.

    Is the Sage CRM Version 7.0.d.2 integration compatible with Sage 100 Version 2013?

    If not, what…

  • RE: Compatibility of Sage 100 Version 2013 & Sage CRM Version 7.2b

    It's supported (see attached screenshot.) You'll have to have your Company Admin add you as an authorized support contact, or have them download it for you. I'm not sure if 7.2b might be available for download elsewhere, but when it's part of a 100 integration…

  • RE: Compatibility of Sage 100 Version 2013 & Sage CRM Version 7.2b

    Correct Leonard

    It can be downloaded from Product Updates for Sage 100 2013. It's a 1.35GB download dated 11/8/2013 under the Product Update 4 category.


  • Compatibility of Sage 100 Version 2013 & Sage CRM Version 7.2b

    The Sage 100 ERP Version 2013 Integrated Solutions Compatibility Matrix dated October 11 2013 does not list compatibility with Sage CRM v7.2b. 

    A presentation in November by Fady Abourjeily implied that Sage 100 v2013 PU 4 and CRM 7.2b are compatible.