• Sage CRM Persons/Sage 100 Contacts

    Hi All,

    I just wanted to confirm some functionality with the integration between Sage CRM and Sage 100.  When creating a new Person in CRM for a particular company that is linked to an existing Sage 100 company, do you always have to click 'maintain relationship…

  • Sage CRM

    We are considering adding Sage CRM to our Sage 100Cloud system. I would appreciate some feedback from those who have implemented installations as well as client feedback. The good, the bad, and the ugly so to speak. Slight smile. Also, what you would do differently…

  • Wrong Company Name coming over to CRM Opportunity

    When I am in Sage 100 Sales Order entry I am clicking the 'Assign' buttom for the Sage CRM Opportunity to sync the quote over to CRM.  When I went to the CRM Opportunites main screen, the wrong company name is associated with the quote.  How is…

  • Can we open a sage 100 screen in Sage CRM by calling a script ?

    Can we open a sage 100 screen in Sage CRM by calling a script ?

  • How to remove all screens and links for Sage 100 Gumu integration from a production Sage CRM server?

    What is the best practice to remove all screens and links for Sage 100 Gumu integration from a production Sage CRM server and install sage 100 integration after ?

  • Improving deployment options and driving down total system costs

    Sage Partner Cloud promises to provide key benefits for Sage CRM:

    • Optimising for success: Expanding the ability to work remotely, while controlling costs.
    • Security: Providing confidence that data is protected via Microsoft Azure-backed security.
    • Time…
  • Looking for Options if any exist

    Hello I have a question that I think maybe kind of unique. I work for a company that operates as two entities under one roof. We currently use a version of Sage ERP MAS 90 with each company having its own inventory, payroll, etc. I am reaching out to…

  • Can one create a quote in CRM without having it in Sage 100 as a quote?

    Client wants to create a quote in CRM and not have it populate in Sage 100 until it is a Sales order? Is this possible in Sage CRM?

  • I have a client that wants to delete many old inactive customers in Sage 100 that are related to CRM customers

    Client has many inactive customers in Sage 100 and need to unrelate them to CRM. Client does not want to do them individually. Is there a way to do it via a script?. What will happen in CRM to those customers that are in CRM not related with a customer…

  • CRM Company Options "Update Partially Invoiced Orders in Sage CRM"

    I have a client that is experiencing issues with the SO_SalesOrderHistoryHeader table getting updated with bad Date/User Created values when an order (originating from CRM) is partially shipped and then modified (typically line comments get added to backordered…

  • On The Fly Opportunity does not work randomly

    On The Fly Opportunity does not work randomly, sometimes it does, for the same customer same user.
    Sage 100c Advanced 2017 5.40.3
    Sage CRM 2017 R3
    When it does not work the order does not recognize that it is a sage crm customer.

  • Sage 100 2018 - CRM Error

    How do I fix this problem?  It happens when saving a change made to a customer contact.

    The Sage Integration service is running.  What else can I check.  I searched the knowledgebase but didn't find much info.

    Error: "Warning one or more synchronization…

  • Syncing Sage 100 customers to Sage CRM without using Relationship Management Wizard

    We are looking to move customers from our Sage 100 system to Sage CRM.  We have a 3rd-party application that generates customers and we feed them into Sage 100 using VI.  That part works fine.

    However, it's not possible to trigger the creation of a Sage…

  • Failure to connect to host, Access to application "Sage 100 Link" is denied.

    Sage 100 Advanced 2014, Sage CRM 7.2.b.  Quick Order Entry has been installed and selected for the user.  When I select new quote/order in CRM, I receive message "Failure to connect to host Access to application "Sage 100 Link" is denied. …

  • Quotes from Sage 100 ERP integration as PDF (cross-posted)


    Can PDFs that we create through Crystal Reports in ERP be automatically loaded into CRM quotes/documents?

    We're working with a Sage CRM 7.3a & Sage 100 ERP integration, and therefore we are creating quotes and orders using the ERP Sales Order Entry…

  • Unable to launch sage 100 app from CRM

    Within CRM any button that launches the ERP app will not launch the sage 100 app. A pvxwin process gets started but no sage 100 log in window ever shows. We made sure no pop up blocker was enabled, made sure we selected to always launch or always allow…

  • Remove Sage 100 & CRM Integration


    I am looking for the best way to remove (break) the Sage 100 ERP & CRM 7.2d integration that is setup. The only solution i can find is to completely delete the Sage 10 company and re-create it. Our goal is to restore our CRM backup and break any…