• Hot List

    If  you do not have the Document Control but you can access the Project Work Center - Can you still use the hot list checkbox?  If so, how can you determine the flow for approval?

  • Java language to create Link for RefID under cases for Sage CRM 100

    How do I get the RefId to generate the Link under cases? Can I get the Java language to Create this link? It used to be there and it is gone.

  • Google Chrome Sage 100 Remember Application Settings WindX

    It appears that the newest version of Google Chrome is now requiring users to click an approve button when clicking on the customer maintenance or create new quote/order buttons with the standard Sage 100 integration with Sage CRM.

    This used to happen…

  • Sage 100c w/ CRM - Don't need note for every SO and Quote

    Hello, Sage 100C 2016 Premium with Sage CRM.     Currently every SO and Quote created for a customer creates an entry on the Note tab in CRM, which is just plain silly.  How do we shut that off?



  • Act vs CRM in Sage 100c 2017

    Anyone using ACT instead of CRM in Sage 100c 2017?


  • Sage CRM and user account - the admin account counts toward the user count?

    OK.  So this is the first time I have set up a client with the ONE free CRM user account that comes with Sage 100.   All other times I have set up I have had multiple users and never noticed this.

    Got it set up and logged in as ADMIN.   Then went to set up…

  • Quotes from Sage 100 ERP integration as PDF (cross-posted)


    Can PDFs that we create through Crystal Reports in ERP be automatically loaded into CRM quotes/documents?

    We're working with a Sage CRM 7.3a & Sage 100 ERP integration, and therefore we are creating quotes and orders using the ERP Sales Order Entry…

  • Prospect promotion from CRM not setting Open Item Customer in Sage 100


    We have Sage 100c Advanced 2016, and Sage CRM 7.3 SP3.    In Sage 100 > Customer Relationship Management > Customer Template Maintenance, the Open Item Customer value is checked.  However, when you promote a prospect from Sage CRM, the newly…

  • Order Promotion Date

    When a quote is promoted to an order, it reflects the date issued from the quote.  (example: quote entered on 3.5.16, promoted to order on 10.1.16)  in this example the promoted sales order retains the original quote date of 3.5.16 requiring a manual adjustment…

  • Creating a Quote in Sage100 and SageCRM

    Is there a way to have separate automatic numbering sequences for quotes and sales orders?

  • Kits

    To whom it may concern,

    I work for a company that makes various types of candy. We receive ingredients in one warehouse and ship them to another to do the actual production. Then it is shipped back to us and sent to it destination. The problem is that…