• Update BinLocation?


    Where in Sage can the user update IM_ItemWarehouse > BinLocation?

    We had Scanco's MultiBin product and are in the process of disabling it, and there are values in this field but I can't get at them.


  • Inventory Label printer

    Any suggestions on a label printer for inventory receipt of goods?  I'd like the label to be about 2 x 3 - most printers are either 1 x 2 1/8 or 4 x 6 - to small or too large.  I need a printer and of course the labels, compatible with Sage 100.  Thanks…

  • Item Valuation Change Selection: Phantom Connected Users

    We have had this problem since switching to Sage 100. When we try to change an item's valuation in the Item Valuation Change Selection task in Inventory Management, and all users are logged out of Sage, we get the below dialog:

    When I click More…

  • Physical Inventory Count Posted Accidently


    We were reviewing the physical count and posted it on accident.  Is there a way to reverse that?



  • UDFs in Transaction Entries

    I'm attempting to make a UDF that will appear on the 8. Cost Detail Tab in Item Maintenance and be available to report on for some government requirements.

    I've been able to add the UDF in IM_Transaction Tier Distribution Entry, PO_Receipt Tier Distribution…

  • Average Costing Negative Inventory

    We are currently exploring moving some of our smaller, order-in products from FIFO to Average costing. I understand how the valuation works on both sides, but we are still working through some company process issues where sometimes a S/O will get finalized…

  • Sage 100 migration taking WIP turning into Inventory

    We are currently Migrating from Sage 50 to Sage 100 and about to go live. We have one particular item we sell that we put as a job in Sage 50 where all costs go to WIP and then an Inventory adjustment puts the item into inventory. For clarification we…

  • Display Inactive Warehouse in Lookup Views

    Trying to figure out where this check box resides in V2019.

    Per the What's New guide for V2018:

    However when I go to said tab, I cannot locate it:

  • Goods Received incorrectly reflected in wrong Warehouse.

    Hi All,

    I had an issue with my receipt of goods entry...

    Basically the Goods entered as Received in Warehouse 008 but its balances is reflected in warehouse 001 in Inventory valuation report.

    What causes this and how do i rectified it?

  • Sales Order / Back Order Updates

    Hope I am formatting this correctly. Running a back orders report for the month, I came across some inventory items that we for sure have in stock. Digging into the cause I found that data entry had manually entered some cancelled orders for one customer…

  • Historical Inventory Quantities

    Hello Sage 100 Community.

    I was wondering if any of you know a way to view an inventory snapshot of a particular date in history (historical inventory quantity). I'm just trying to see the quantities for all items at a particular date in the past.…

  • Sub ledgers don't match financial statements

    I am new to Sage.  I am reviewing books for a client and find that none of their sub ledgers (A/R, A/P or Inventory) match the financial statements.  In QuickBooks I know how to trouble shoot these; but not so in Sage.  Can someone point out the common mistakes…

  • Change of Inventory Valuation Methods

    There is preliminary discussion in our company about changing our inventory valuation method in Sage 100. All skus are currently at Average Cost and discussion is to change to LIFO. I have been looking to find more information on the technical/system…

  • unit prices are sometimes frozen and can’t be updated they need to be unreceived and received back into inventory at the correct price

    Following an upgrade AP unit prices sometimes freeze why?  Must be un-received and re-received back into inventory at correct price.  What causes this?

  • Allowing Customers to Field Scrap

    What is the most efficient way you have found to process a field scrap?  There are instances when it is not cost effective to have a customer return a damaged item so we allow them to keep the item (field scrap it).  Right now we create an RMA to issue…

  • Inventory value with zero quantity using FIFO

    Note:  Current version is 4.4, going to Sage 2015 live this weekend.

    This is regarding items with all IM_ItemCost records having zero quantity (meaning, Negative cost tiers, if any, have been applied), yet one of the records has and extended value cost…