• General Journal Posting - duplicating

    Has anyone run into an issue with a general journal posting that occurred months earlier now showing a different result if you were to run the report today?  In January we had one entry, and if we run the report today, it shows 3 of the same entry.  For…

  • The type initializer for 'Sage.SMB.FileUtilities.OSVersion' threw an exception "Invalid class"

    Hi Support Community /Support Folks:

    Customer suffered a power fail 2 days ago, Windows 11 running on Dell Inspirion.

    Ran sfc /scannow and found and repaired system corruption.

    Ran Windows updates (Win 11 22H2) as well as Dell command updates..

    But whenever…

  • AP Aging blank for a vendor with open invoices

    Posting this in case it helps someone else.  (Client is Premium, if it matters).

    After a lot of troubleshooting, a colleague confirmed the issue is that a vendor just alphabetically prior to the one in question had a French accented character in its VendorNo…

  • AP Check selection displays duplicate phantom invoice

    Sage 100 2021 PU3 Advanced.

    After selecting vendor invoices for payment, then going into the check maintenance window, duplicate invoices display. However, the invoices are only entered / posted once. If the phantom invoice is not removed from the check…

  • Item Valuation Change Selection: Phantom Connected Users

    We have had this problem since switching to Sage 100. When we try to change an item's valuation in the Item Valuation Change Selection task in Inventory Management, and all users are logged out of Sage, we get the below dialog:

    When I click More…

  • Random check prints

    Have a client running Sage 100 Standard 2021 PU2.

    A check prints for an open invoice, even though the invoice was not selected for payment.  The check prints, but the invoice it paid does not show up on the stub.  The invoice does not print on the Invoice…

  • Correcting Aged Transaction - Data File utility

    We are following Sage ticket instructions on correcting an aged transaction.

    Part of the instructions are below:

    • In the File Name field, select the "..\MAS90\MAS_xxx\ARxxx\AR_OpenInvoice.M4T" file and press the ENTER key
      1. Click Key Scan button…
  • Error when clicking Accept in Vendor Maintenance

    Sage 100 2021 PU2

    This happens even if no changes are made.

  • error #47 substring reference out of string in Sales Order

    we are attempting to delete a SO. we have successfully done so to other SO but this one item gives us an error #47 Substring reference out of string and we are unable to do anything. 

  • Sales Orders are disappearing during the "get EMV" process

    This is happening after our sales associates are done creating the sales order and have already clicked the EMV button, and swiped the card, then when the go back to click the "Get EMV Pmt" button, the sales order is gone.  The credit card processes…

  • Accounts Payable ACH payment amount shows double the invoice amount

    I went to process an ACH payment for a vendor invoice & it had a line that showed double the amount of the invoice. The total line was ok but when I got further in the process it said the daily transaction register was out of balance. The vendor inquiry…

  • Customer Summary incorrect

    Hello, running into a strange issue here and a bit stumped.  Running Sage 100 218 Premium (SQL)

    We have a customer who has no sales / invoice history, however in the AR Customer Maintenance / Inquiry module under Summary is shows values for Sales/Cogs…

  • Sales Order History files not created?


    We had something strange happen once last week, and now once again today. 

    We had an order which was not acceessible through Sales Order and Quote History, so accounting contacted me. After checking our database, I noticed that there was no record…

  • Company clean up question

    I'm working with a client to clean up chart of accounts, vendors, customers, and items.

    We want to create a new company with no history.

    The plan is to create the new company and activate/set up all modules.

    Then, I'll copy the chart of accounts to…

  • Customer Balance incorrect on Cash Receipts Entry

    When in Cash Receipts Entry - the customer balance on the header tab does not always show the correct amount. Mostly seeing it show 0 even though there are open invoices for that account that have a balance on it. Not all accounts and it seems to be random…

  • Invoice Data Entry Line Items Disappearing

    We are on Sage 100 (Version

    We have noticed, only in the last week, that we have invoices dropping line items when we switch from Lines tab to Totals tab and go to print. I am not 100% sure of this, but it seems it is just the last item entered…

  • AR_CashReceiptsHistory InvoiceField error


    We're recently encountered a problem with posting AR Cash Receipts. This has occurred over the last 5 months and we haven't found a solution.

    A Cash Receipt is properly posted and clears the AR invoice. If you view AR Inquiry, the invoices…

  • AR Cash Receipts - Sage Premier 2017 Ver

    A very odd error that I believe is a bug - the customer received payment towards an invoice several months prior and properly shows a zero balance for that invoice. Now a new payment is received from that customer. If you look at Customer Inquiry, everything…

  • AR aging - recalculate for all customers

    Is there a way to recalculate the AR aging for all customers at one time?  I know we can change the setting in the setup going forward, but there are several hundred customers with incorrect aging, many of whom are infrequently accessed.  We're investigating…

  • Customer Sales History By Period

    Just wondering what might throw the amounts in these period 'buckets' out of sync with amounts in transaction data?  I've read that it could be due to performing period end close in AR 'incorrectly', but couldn't find specific examples of what…

  • Error in AR Repetitive Invoice Entry

    If we edit or add a line to an existing repetitive invoice we get an error:

    Error 88: Invalid/unknown property name

    O/S Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection. Parameter name: index (err/ret=2…

  • Error

    Validation check, file: AR_Audit.M4TKey: 00000000232015082000000000096467 Value in Column: ARDivisionNo$ is to long


    It is "too long" and not "to long"!

  • Resolved accidental V/I item import that resulted in hundreds of corrupt records


    Thought I would post this as an FYI that can hopefully be found if someone searches with a similar issue in future.

    A client accidentally imported the XLSX version of their spreadsheet into CI_Item instead of their CSV. Normally V/I and the busin…

  • Trying to activate SO in a new test company

    I have a new company that only has CI, AR and GL active - there is no data. When I try to activate SO I get a message "Data files for ZZZ have not been converted. You must convert before activating."

    Ok, so I run the Convert and it does some…

  • Disappearing vendors in AP_Vendor file

    One client has been having a sporadic issue where a vendor is entered into Vendor Maintenance, invoices are processed, and later they are not able to find the vendor in Vendor Maintenance.  The client is not using temporary vendors.  In fact, even if they…