• Bank Feeds url

    Does anyone know of a way to find which url is being used for a particular bank in Bank Feeds?  Bank is asking prior to a meeting to a meeting re using Bank Feeds.

  • Fiscal Year Change in Test Company

    We are trying to test a POS solution in a test company (ABX) and we need to change the fiscal year to the current year.  In fiscal year maintenance it has 2024 as the current year, is this changeable or can I go in DFDM and change it?  the POS needs to…

  • Update BinLocation?


    Where in Sage can the user update IM_ItemWarehouse > BinLocation?

    We had Scanco's MultiBin product and are in the process of disabling it, and there are values in this field but I can't get at them.


  • GL Fiscal Year to Calendar Year change

    Does anyone have advice on how best to guide client that has to move from a fiscal to calendar year. The 2022 calendar year change starting date is 03/01/22. However, they are already in FY 2023 in Sage. I can't give them a short year for 2022 for 10…

  • Prevent Picking Sheet Printing from Quote

    Is it possible to disallow or prevent someone from printing a picking sheet from a quote? We have had issues where a customer sends in a purchase order from a quote. The customer service rep pulls up the quote, enters the PO information, and forgets to…

  • Bank Feeds and IE11

    With Microsoft ending support for Internet Explorer 11 in June 2022, and IE11 being required to use Bank Feeds in Sage 100, is there a plan or workaround to use Edge or another alternative? Clients will not want to have to have IE11 installed post end…

  • Item Quantity not Changing after Invoice

    Is there a setting on the "item maintenance" that keeps the ordered quantity on the SO the same even though part of the line item was invoiced?  This is an example, we have a SO with 3 lines, line one has a quantity of 50, line two qty of 100…

  • Module R/A is not on file


    A Client has the following Sage build

    Sage 100c Standard 2016 (version

    One user got a new workstation and installed Sage.   When going to Sales Order Entry, this pops up

    They do not have the RMA Module.  No other user is receiving this message…

  • Vendor List won't autopopulate. What am I missing here?

    Hello, all! Here's a small, odd thing I'd like to resolve for a colleague. When I access AP>Vendor Maintenance or Inquiry>Lookup (magnifying glass) and the Vendor List pops up, the entire list of vendors unfurls itself. When my colleague does this, the…

  • SO Credit Memo Line Items GL Sales Account Incorrect

    When creating a SO Credit Memo, the G/L for the line items sales account is not matching the GL of the sales account on the original SO invoice. Is there a way to change this setting to default to the correct Sales Account on Credit Memos, or does it…

  • Expanded Customer Number

    We have a client that has one company that would like to use the Expanded Customer Number, but they have another company that doesn't need the Expanded Customer Number.  They set up the first company with the box checked.  Now they are trying to set…

  • Background Color

    I used to be able to change the background color per company.  How do i accomplish that in Sage 2020?

  • 401k Max

    How do change the 401k max in the new year for the existing and new employees?

  • Where do I go to enter the bank account number and routing number for Bank Code A?

    Where do I go to enter the bank account number and routing number for Bank Code A?    We finally have a bank account setup with my bank, and I need to enter this information for Bank Code A.  Under Bank Code Maintenance, Bank Code A, the "bank account number…

  • Invoice printing full comments

    So we're seeing an issue with our SO Invoice Printing. I had done my research and quickly found that we cannot sett defaults for STANDARD forms, so I made a new report setting with the intention of setting the default to "Full Comments" however there…

  • Automatically Setting Ship Date a Month Out

    When creating a sales order, is there a way to automatically set the ship date a month away from today? I always seem to forget to change it and it causes a lot of problems with On-Time delivery. I was hoping there might just be a setting or something…

  • how to turn off auto generation of accounts?

    How do you turn off auto generation of accounts?

  • Internal Vendor Classification

    Is there a way to classify a vendor as internal?  I'd like to set up an internal vendor for SIA use for products that we produce via BOM production entry.  Thanks.


    Does Sage 100 Advanced offer more characters for Customer Name entry in Accounts Receivable?

  • AR Invoice - Remit Address Option

    Hi there,

    Can't seem to find an answer to a simple question. How can I setup invoices going out to customer with a different address (remit) for payments? The facility in this case the Sage company has one address (physical location of business 1) and…

  • Is there a character limit on VI Import job file path?

    We have a VI Job that was giving a user an error because the file path was being truncated. We moved it to a new location closer to the root file to resolve this instance, but I wanted to see if there is an actual character limit to file paths in VI Jobs…

  • Can I deactivate the auto apply button in cash receipts?

    In cash receipts entry, can I deactivate or remove the auto apply button? This button seems quite useful for balance forward accounts, but it is not for open item accounts.

  • Auto-generate PurchaseOrder Item Sequence

    When you auto-generate a PO from a SO it brings the items over and places them in alphabetical order.  Is there a setting to make the items come over in the same order as the SO?  This would be all linked to the "line key" field I'm pretty sure.…

  • Sub Account description change

    I have updated some of the descriptions for our Sub Accounts.  However, the change has not carried through to our accounts already created; it only works for new accounts.  Are there any options to update all existing accounts with the new description short…

  • Future Price Increase

    Is there a way to set up a price increase for customers to take effect on a certain day? I feel like I'm missing a really simple answer but google and YT have failed me, or I'm not asking it correctly.  Thanks!