• Price in Sales Order is different between Lines tab and Totals tab in Sales Order

    We created a Sales Order with a large number of line items.  The Total Amount shown on the bottom of the window is correct.  When we then navigate to the Totals tab, the Taxable Amount is a completely different number - inflated by almost $30k.  We sent this…

  • Need to set up backup withholding for a Subcontractor in AP

    Is there an easy way to set up backup withholding for a vendor in AP? We need to withhold federal backup for a subcontractor.

  • Has a patch come out to fix the Sales Tax in AR

    We discovered a flaw with state sales tax not calculating properly and I was in contact with SAGE support about an issue. The issue was with sales tax not computing correctly when entering freight on a repetitive invoice.  I was told it is a flaw in the…

  • Sales reps are paid on "net receipts after discounts"

    We have run into an issue with the commission calculation process used by Sage 100. Sales reps are paid on "net receipts after discounts" not net invoice or gross profit. Also, there are two columns on the Salesperson Commission Report; one being Invoice…

  • How to carry PO credit forward when invoice received is for less

    How would I carry PO credit forward when the invoice received is for less than the original PO?  It keeps closing invoices as I enter them when there should be a balance left for future invoices to be applied to. Please advise.  Sage100 C

    Most of our PO…

  • Payroll Time Off Accrual

    I have a client that runs a Bi Weekly Payroll.

    They would like their Time Off Accruals to be based on weekly hours not bi weekly.

    Is there anyway to do this with a Bi Weekly Payroll?

  • Kit items in different GL accounts?

    (newbie here, so not sure if this is the correct sub forum) 

    We have created a 'kit' for a finished product we produce (a hand lotion as an example). The subcomponent parts of the kit are defined are a bottle, the lotion, and a label for the bottle.…



    NUM                STD               ASSN

  • Updating reorder points automatically

    Our reorder point changes dramatically based on usage. I really don't want to have to continually update reorder points manually. We have several thousand sku's and it's just not practical. Is there a way for sage to automatically update reorder points…

  • Discount Amount in Sales Order Entry

    Hi Guys

    We seem to be having an issue on Sales Order entry where that when we enter a discount percentage it does not calculate. But when we enter a discount amount it does calculate. Anyone got any ideas why this is happening? See picture below


  • CA SDI Rate - How do I update new rate in payroll?

    Where do I go to update new SDI rate for CA taxes?

  • Unable to perform Payroll Tax Calculation

    Getting various messages, such as:
    "Sage 100 cannot connect to the Sage payroll tax service.
    Please see the Activity Log.. for details."

    "One or more errors occurred.
    An error occurred while sending the request.
    The underlying connection was…

  • Customer discounts are automatically applied in Cash Receipts Entry, even when the cash receipts date is after the discount date.

    I have duplicated this problem with two clients on Sage 100 2020 PU1.  I also confirmed that this problem did not happen in 2020, prior to installing PU1.

    Can anyone else confirm this on your Sage 100 2020 PU1 system?

  • UOM Associated with Item Weight

    What UOM is associated with Item Weight in item maintenance?  I would like to allocate freight by weight for purchases and also be able to include weight in sales reports.  Our Purchases, Standard, and Sales UOM are often different.


  • Are Sales Order Quotes considered in Credit Limit Calculation?

    Are Sales Orders with Order Type = "Quote" considered in the Credit Limit calculation?

    I have a customer that Sage is telling us "Customer Credit Limit is Exceeded".  The customer has a $50,000 credit limit.  They have an open invoice…

  • Recalculating the AR Customer High Balance

    Just double checking.  There is only one answer to this in the forum and it is from 10 years ago.  Is the high balance lifetime?  It looks like it.

    Based on the help files it says:  

    The updated balance is an assessment of all open invoices, future transactions…

  • Service Invoice Discounts with Service Contracts


    Wondering if anyone knows how to automatically calculate the the discount that a customer receives when they are on a service contract plan through the assembly 9-3 screen?

    Some background I currently have all my service technicians on Sage Service…

  • My Master Order shows zero available quantity, when I know I had a balance left

    My Master Order shows zero available quantity, when I know I had a balance left. Could a Sales Order be stuck some where?

    I've used Sage 100 for quite some time now and have never encountered this before. Any help? 

  • Avatax: How can you credit an invoice for tax only to an SST state?

    I know what you're thinking -- ask Avalara. I have created multiple cases for this question and they just email me a link to a KB article that tells me how SST states work and don't answer the question. Then they close the case. They will not answer the…

  • Assets with multiple cost factors

    My company is getting ready to move into a new location and we will be receiving much furniture, Some of these will have additional items attached which have been priced separately. For example, our invoice for a conference table lists separately the…

  • Commission Teams

    We have a client that would like to pay commissions on Invoices based on teams.  I have looked at Split Commissions but based on my initial testing I do not believe it will work. 

    The situation is as follows: 

    John Smith is the salesman and receives 10…

  • Sales Tax payable on monthly gross sales

    In Arizona we pay sales tax monthly on gross sales to multiple municipalities. I have set it all up however, I cannot find a sales tax liability report that shows what we owe each tax district from Gross sales for the month. I also cannot find information…

  • Assigning a discount to a SKU based upon the warehouse it is sold from


    We have just created a second virtual warehouse where we intend to track our blem SKUs. For example, I receive 10 of SKU # AB-01 and 8 are perfect but 2 have blems. I receive 8 into my main warehouse and 2 into the new blem warehouse. I would like…

  • Inventory Management - on inquiry screen, amount on PO for a sku is incorrect

    Sage 100 c - We noticed on an inventory item in inventory inquiry that the amount on PO was incorrect...meaning that when we looked at the open POs for this item, they totaled 7 on order, but the inquiry screen is showing 24 on order. In the past in MAS200…

  • Customer Price Levels - Automatic change of Sales Order & Invoice Price Level when invoice becomes past due.

    Hi, I am hoping the SAGE community can help with this request.

    We have a standard wholesale price, say $10 for a SKU, and we have a range of price levels for our customers. If a customer has a price level of 20% off wholesale, the SKU would appear on the…