• Has a patch come out to fix the Sales Tax in AR

    We discovered a flaw with state sales tax not calculating properly and I was in contact with SAGE support about an issue. The issue was with sales tax not computing correctly when entering freight on a repetitive invoice.  I was told it is a flaw in the…

  • Is there a facility within Sage 100 A/R to document or log customer communications by past-due invoice?

    We desire to document customer contact/communications regarding specific past-due invoices in Accounts Receivable. Is there a facility to do this at the invoice level?

    Frequently, we receive verbal confirmation from a customer that a past-due invoice…

  • How to find the cause of variance between invoice total and the number on income statement ?


    I run a net sales report from AR explore=>customer history invoices view. I use the invoice total minus sales tax, which gives me the net sales for that period. However, this number does not tie my income statement number. My June net sales total…

  • AR Invoice Adjustment miscellaneous items only?

    I am trying to do an invoice adjustment (item was not priced correctly), and am trying to follow these steps:


    However, when I enter the itemcode that…

  • Moving an overpayment from one customer to another

    I have a customer that has about 10 different divisions in different states. I received a few checks today , and while applying payments i accidentally over received in one account. So now that account shows -$239.40 , however i need that to be transferred…

  • Credit Rebates to Customers

    We are running a program were the customer at the end of the month receives a rebate on how many systems they sell. We have been putting this in as a credit on the customers account. Now that we have a fair amount of customers on this program we have…

  • Printing an adjusted Invoice in AR

    I have an invoice that was posted without freight added, so an adjustment was successfully processed to the specific invoice. I'm trying to find a way to update paperless office with a new PDF that reflects the adjustment, or some sort of means of sending…

  • How can I get Customer Memos to pop-up in Invoice History Inquiry?


    I have several customers with special requests regarding the sending of their invoices (mail, fax, e-mail to specific parties, etc).  We created memos that pop up during Sales Order Entry.  Unfortunately, that department doesn't always remember to make…

  • What are the steps for the Sales Order process to Posting to AR? How is the AR PDF log created?


    What are the steps to post a sales order through to AR?

    How is the AR pdf log created?


    I want to Download in Excel (from Sage 100) an Accounts Receivable Open Invoice Report. The problem is that the reports that I found in the AR module shares excel columns, for example, the AR aging will share the customer name with the invoice number…
  • Pull posted AR invoices to a table when 5 companies are setup.

    I'd like to pull posted AR invoices from each of our 5 companies and update a table daily. Can anyone tell me how to find/distinguish the data for each company?

    Any recomended procedure to pull this data to the table?

    Thanks for all responses!

  • Need to pull invoices from AR tables.

    Is there an ERD or easy way to identify the AR Invoice tables. We are using SQL Server as our database and trying to pull the daily invoices to a table. We currently have about 10 companies setup and need the data from all companies.


  • Apply prepayment in system to invoice AR


    I have several prepayments that where entered in the system and need to be applied to the corresponding invoice in AR

    Can someone walk me through that process?

  • Generate Invoice from SO without Shipping Items - Down Payment Required

    We have some customers who are on credit hold. We require that they pay either a percentage of the order or the entire order before the items are shipped. How would we create an invoice from the sales order listing the items and their cost and then once…

  • Change Ship to address on an already posted invoice

    Is there a way to change the ship to address on an already posted invoice without deleting and re-entering the whole invoice?  I need to make the ship to match the other documents for an international shipment.  Any insight would be helpful... I am leaning…

  • Sales Tax report by zip code

    I am trying to figure out how to create a report that will show my sales tax by zip code or city.  Either by adding a column to the Sale Tax Report already in Sage 100 ERP Accounts Receivable or by creating a new report.  Does anyone have any suggestions…

  • A/R e-invoicing attachments

    Hi there,

    We're trying to get Sage 100 Advanced set up to send our A/R invoices to customers via e-mail or FAX. The basics are up and running. However, it's common to need to include supporting documentation when sending an invoice. I can attach a file…

  • Why I can't delete the sales invoice

    Hi All,

    Could you help check this issue. I use the sample company 'ABC' to testing sales invoice creation. But when I delete the invoice '0100057,the invoice still appears in the invoice list. And then try to select this deleted invoice to…


    Hi All ,

    I am trying to post a Invoice that is not related to a Sales Order using the A/R Module >Invoice Data Entry  .

    However when I post I get the following errors :

    A Customer number was found that is not on file .

    ( Customer is clearly on file…

  • customer invoice credit

    How do I reverse an already posted invoice to a customer in Sage100?  I believe I have to issue a credit memo but cannot seem to figure out how this is done.

  • Adjusting Credit Memo

    We handle all invoicing through the SO module.  I recently generated a credit memo through the RMA module.  However, the credit memo should not have been created.  I know I can do a debit memo to offset but I also know that that invoices and credit memos…

  • How to setup Tax Districts where the Material % is different than the Labor %

    The contractor needs to charge the client sales tax but there is a percent for materials and a different percent for labor.  I can create two different Tax Districts, but you can only choose one Tax District for an AR invoice and in addition to that, there…