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When reconciling AP to the GL and using the AP Trial balance, does the invoice date have an impact on differences? As I understand it using the AP Trial balance goes by transaction date which is the GL posting date. I'm reconciling day by day and sometimes the AP invoice date does not equal the transaction date. Would this scenario be a valid difference in balancing the AP Trial Balance to GL or no because the the trial balance does not use invoice date?

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    AP Aging uses Invoice Date and is intended for managing payables (not for balancing with the GL). 

    AP Trial Balance uses Transaction date and is designed to balance with the GL. The invoice date doesn't matter.  (However, there may be rare data patterns where Trial Balance report filters are imperfect... like if you backdate the payment posting date to before the invoice's posting date... but that should never happen.  Prepayments should be posted separately, and applied later).

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    Thank you for quick response and clarifying. Much appreciated.

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