Selected a/p invoices do not stay selected when selecting by invoice number

Version 7.0.4 Sage 100

Use Check maintenance to select invoices.  Pick a vendor and enter 3 invoices to pay.  All are selected and the total of three is at bottom of screen,  Go to print a check and only 1 or 2 of those invoices are on check. 

Realized just selecting them in maintenance and closing program and going back in and only 1 or 2 of the 3 remain selected.

If we use the select invoice icon it works.  They stay selected.

But when we enter the invoice numbers and select say 3 invoices, only 1 or 2 stay selected after exiting.  Some vendors have pages of invoices so it's easier to select by invoice number the ones we want to pay.

This just started after going from 7.00.2 to 7.00.4 last week.

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    This may be fixed in PU 5

    New in Product Update 5
    Check total in Check and Electronic Payment Maintenance is showing correct amount when selecting more than 1 invoice on the lines using the line lookup icon on the first entry after opening the task.
    DevID 114502 Knowledgebase ID 116328