GL transaction data extract

We extract GL transaction data from Sage 100 Advanced (Providex db) for the prior month once the month has been closed. These transactions are then imported into NetSuite for consolidation - we have multiple companies running different accounting systems and they all go through this process every month - Sage 100 is just one piece of the puzzle.

The problem is that it takes a very long time to extract the data from the GL_DetailPosting table using a date range - so long that sometimes it fails and we have to retry several times before we have success.

I have attached the GL_DetailPosting table to an Access database and run a simple query to extract just the month's transactions into a new Access table, then export the data from the new table. It should be simple enough.

Is there any easier/better way of doing this?

We want to avoid the frustration of running and failing all the time.