• Sage 100: Only crashes on my login and only on one computer.

    Experiencing an issue where my login crashes while no one else's crashes sage.

    Works fine on other computers.

    Made new login account copying my own and it crashes too. 

    Issue only starting happening this morning. Worked just fine yesterday.

    I removed…

  • BOI not pushing web orders to Sage 100

    We are encountering an issue where CIM Cloud web orders are successfully pushing to the ERP Driver but is failing to create a BOI session. Any suggestions on what other pieces we can troubleshoot before reinstalling the ERP Driver? 

    What we have tried…

  • Is the BOI going to stick around for awhile? Is there a better way to communicate with Sage 100

    I've been working with the Sage 100 BOI for some time now and have done a lot of C# applications that interact with the BOI for all sorts of Sage 100 integrations.  As we all know the "API" is pretty clunky.  I thought about creating a class…

  • Sale order zipcode import issue after upgrading from Sage 2018 to 2021


    We just recently upgraded to Sage 2018 to 2021 and our third-party web service(Deposco) sale order imports are now having issues after migration.

    Error response: FAILED : Exception: Error trying to set property BillToZipCode$ with value 46550. Last…

  • How to validate posting date

    how to add script on posting Process button to validate posting date? we want the posting date in same month with all PO receipt invoice date, but some times type may happen.

  • Copy UDF Values from AR_CUSTOMER.M4T to Equivalent UDFs on new Sales Orders

    New to this forum, and new to using the Business Object Interface.  


    I'm on Sage 100 2022 Standard, and am about to implement Sage Alerts & Workflow.  One of the tasks I will be creating will periodically look at all open Sales Orders and…

  • BOI SO_SalesOrder_bus call to nSetKey(key) fails, sLastErrorMessage = "This order is currently being shipped. The invoice number is [num] in batch [num]"

    Using the BOI and trying to loop through all Sales Orders and, for each Sales Order, loop through all lines. Have it working however some orders are in a state such that, if opened from the Sage UI, a popup is shown with text like:

    In the UI, I can click…

  • Issue updating Inventory Transaction Receipt Multi-Bin Distribution using BOI

    When attempting to create line items for a Inventory Transaction Receipt batch I'm having issues when I attempt to update the distribution.  my code was working on Sage 2018 but they are upgrading to Sage 2021 and it now throws an


  • File Picker Dialog

    I actually kind of figured that this would have been asked a few times, but my search attempt wasn't all that successful. The only somewhat related topic was Script to Select File, but the script I found here only displayed server-side files since…

  • BOI Create Completion Transaction for Work Ticket

    I'm trying to use Business Objects to create a completion transaction for a Work Ticket in Sage 100 2022.  I can't seem to figure out how to add the work ticket to the actual transaction.  Below is a slimmed down version at its simplest form of…

  • Delete Change Items in BOI

    Is it possible to do this? I've been able to populate the IM_DeleteChangeItems table using BOI, but I can't figure out how to actually apply the changes to the item codes using BOI.

    If it's not possible that's okay, but please let me know if that…

  • Where is Credit card information stored in Sage 100

    Can anyone please help me with the business object for Credit card information and the tables in which it is stored.

  • Read line items for a specific Invoice order without using a loop for every order.

     using (DispatchObject soObject = new DispatchObject(pvx.InvokeMethod("NewObject", "SO_Invoice_bus", oSS.GetObject())))              	 {
                        soObject.InvokeMethod("nSetKeyValue", new object[] { "InvoiceNo$", strRefNumber });

  • Invoice total displaying as zero

    The total is displaying as zero in Invoice Data entry

    I've written the script for the extension amount as follows. Can you pls clarify which column should be used to store the total?

  • Invoices not showing in customer maintenance

    Hi Team, 

    Can someone kindly help me with displaying the invoices in the customer maintenance section? 

    It appears in the data entry for invoices but not in the section for customer maintenance.

  • Script to find the Contact Code from the Confirm To in Sales Order

    Hi, I'm trying to write a script to find the Contact Code using the Confirm To in the Sales Order header so that I can populate some user defined fields in the contact code maintenance into the sales order header. I have this so far, but it's not finding…

  • Sage100.ObjectManagement Interfaces .net Error when creating line entry

               var sessionLogon = new SessionLogon
                    CompanyCode = companyCode,
                    UserLogon = new NetworkCredential { UserName = userName, Password = password },
                    ModuleCode = ModuleNames.AccountsReceivable…

  • How to get business object names for table from Sage 100 BOI

    Is there a way to get a list of all the business object names for a table from the Sage 100 BOI? The SY_File object from the FileObj property on the session object seems to have methods to get a list of all the table names. Looking to expand on that where…

  • Is the a way to summarize the invoice totals to a customer or suppress the detail from the view?

    I am a new controller to the company, and I have very little experience with Sage 100. We need a solution to send a customer one invoice (containing multiple jobs), and only show a summary as if it were one job.

    Our business is in manufacturing, and management…

  • Looping a table while batches enabled


    I want to loop through all my not-registered invoices.

    What I do (in general) is:

    dynamic obj = pvx.NewObject("AP_ManualCheck_bus", oSession);
    obj.nMoveFirst();   //To get to the first record 
    //Rest of code

    The problem is that I have…

  • Access PO_ReceiptReturnMatRqByPO

    How can I access the table object PO_ReceiptReturnMatRqByPO? I need to delete a record from this table which refers to a ghost receipt and locks my PO.

    There isn't a file with _bus or _svc, so using NewObject returns "NewObject Error 90".…

  • Looking for a Microsoft Power App expert

    Looking for a Microsoft Power App expert who can develop a power app application that will fetch data from the SQL database in bulk and then send that data to Sage 100 ERP via Sage 100 API connector which is already installed. Data to be picked and sent…

  • SAGE Formula

    I have a formula in my SO picking sheet it puts different words on the header depending on the number of days between the order date and the ship expire date.

    I want to edit this formula that the < 4 is actually 0 to 3 Business days.  before the wording…

  • How do I enter account Partner_Account Number on Sage University as the website does not have an option to update it?

    Hi All,

    I have placed an order for a course on Sage university but the system is not allowing me make the payment. Hence, we reached sales customer service via email and they reset the same and asked us to try and purchase the course again to redirect…

  • Best option for extracting data out of Sage 100 into Third-Party software

    We are looking at a Third-Party software called Master Control for our QA/QC documentation processing.  With that, we want to be able to extract data out of Sage 100c Advanced v2019.2 (upgrading to v2021 shortly) from Scanco's Manufacturing module, as…