• Invoice total displaying as zero

    The total is displaying as zero in Invoice Data entry

    I've written the script for the extension amount as follows. Can you pls clarify which column should be used to store the total?

  • Invoices not showing in customer maintenance

    Hi Team, 

    Can someone kindly help me with displaying the invoices in the customer maintenance section? 

    It appears in the data entry for invoices but not in the section for customer maintenance.

  • How to create invoice in Sage 100 using object matrix c# , if you don't manage stock


    Greetings !!!

    I want c # sample code through which i can create invoice entry through object matrix dll for sage 100


    Hello , 

    We are new to using Sage 100 and have a few questions . 

    After our sales people process a sales order we then go into Shipping data entry and then print the invoice. At the end of the day , we then update the register. My question is , how can…

  • Can you trigger a script to open Customer Inquiry when clicking on Totals tab in SO Invoice Data Entry?

    I am not well versed in scripting, but I know it can do a lot of wonderful things.  I'm hoping this will be possible.

    I have a customer that creates credit memos but they do not always apply them.  They would like a way to checking their customer's…

  • Select an existing batch number


    I have tried looking though out the forums for a way to select a batch number to use when trying to import invoices into Sage 100. What I have found was to use SelectBatch and pass the batch number I want to use as the parameter, but when I do I…

  • Delete this please.

    Don't know how to delete question. Please delete.

  • Add /TAX item to Invoice

    Hello, I have a customer who wants to have the Tax appear as the line item /TAX on an invoice. 

    Here is what I'm inserting after the items get added:

    retVal = oSOInvoice.oLines.nAddLine()
    retVal = oSOInvoice.oLines.nSetValue("ItemCode$", "/TAX")…

  • AR Invoice Data Entry - Hide Fields in the Lines Grid

    I am trying to hide 5 fields on the AR Invoice Data Entry Lines screen but nothing seems to work.

    The fields are visible by default in the grid.

    The script event is Post Column Validate on a field in the Header tab.

    Can anyone point out what I am doing…