• Add On to Script

    I have a script looking at misc items, item type =5, any item with this type the qty ordered is populated into an UDF with the equal amount.  One exception is if the item code is /SMISC, then nothing is populated, the UDF stays = 0.  I need to enter another…

  • Button script to update a UDF on SO History Header


    I'm trying to create a button script to update a UDF field on the SO History Header table.  It seems like a simple task, but I can't seem to figure it out.  I need to prompt for the date and then update the SO_SalesOrderHistoryInquiry_bus_UDF_RMA_CLOSED_DATE…

  • Script Troubleshooting

    I have multiple scripts on the SO details, 3 on the quantity ordered column as a post val and 9 on table-pre-writes.  I am finding some SO's in the system that seem to not have the scripts firing, when I go to that SO and enter another line with all the…

  • Kit Components Triggering Scripts

    Has anyone had any issues when a kit is exploded on an SO to have the components trigger SO details scripts?  The kit item triggers the scripts however when the item is exploded the components seem to bypass any scripts attached to the lines.

  • Best Way to Source SODetail UDF from SOHeader UDF

    Is there an easy way to source an UDF from the SOHeader to the SODetail without a script?  Thought there might be a work around but can't find it, so cam up with this script to test but will have to wait until I can get everyone out of the system.

  • SO Picking Sheet Work Table

    I have an UDF on the SO Details and also created the same UDF on the SO Picking Sheet Work table and linked it to the SO Details.  I can't get that UDF to show up on the crystal reports to add it to the form?  Other UDF's in the same tables show up…

  • System Date

    I leave SAGE up to keep a program up and running to import orders (Insynch), I have a script looking at the system date to populate a UDF date field when a sales order is put into process.  I am noticing that I haven't had to restart the SAGE application…

  • Copy UDF Values from AR_CUSTOMER.M4T to Equivalent UDFs on new Sales Orders

    New to this forum, and new to using the Business Object Interface.  


    I'm on Sage 100 2022 Standard, and am about to implement Sage Alerts & Workflow.  One of the tasks I will be creating will periodically look at all open Sales Orders and…

  • Quote to Standard Order not Firing Scripts

    I have a few scripts on column post validates, mostly watching the order quantity.  I had them only running for standard orders, however this was an issue when the order starts as a quote.  One script is a calculation to mark the udf quantity pulled (basically…

  • DFDM Modifications to Allow UDT Field Lookups

    When viewing a multi-line field within DFDM I noticed that one of the UDF fields within the current table (AR_Customer) had a Nomads Tag that suggested I may be able to possibly manipulate a different multiline field to perform a lookup within a UDT.

  • SO lines loop, updates only one line

    I have a script, which edits line data (conditionally) based on a header event trigger.  It works fine in v2020, but in v2022 (Standard, no enhancements) only one line is updated.  In order to get it to update all lines, I had to add a check for a changed…

  • Table -Pre-Totals Script to only Run Once

    I have these two scripts on the SO Invoice Header running, one on a "table-pre-totals" and then another one on a "table-post-write" to reverse an action in the first script.  I am pretty sure when we open the batch up the "table-pre…

  • Add ship to address when a new Customer is created

    Hi Forum,

    I need to update a ship to address code "0000" when a new cusotmer is created.  I am trying to do it on a "pre-write event" is entered but I am getting an error.

    Any suggestions ?


    Manuel Roman

  • Date Customer Last Purchased

    Hi Guys

    I am looking for a field within sage that gives a date that the customer last made a purchase. The only date I found which was similar was LastActivityDate but this can be triggered by lots of different things. Do you guys know if this exists…

  • Getting User Code

    I am trying to change the user code on orders importing through ROI's Insynch based on the customer no.  To get the user code do you use "oSession" I wouldn't think so because the actual user is not actually in the session right?  And…

  • PurchaseOrder Detail - set UnitOfMeasure default - correct event?

    Our PO team wants Purchase Order lines to have the UnitOfMeasure to populate as EACH. I put in the most basic script I could think of;

    retVal = oBusObj.SetValue("UnitOfMeasure$","EACH")

    but I cannot seem to find the correct event to…

  • Script to copy a header field to all detail fields

    I am trying to copy a header field (PO_PurchaseOrderHeader - UDF_REQ_SHIP_DATE) to a field in (PO_PurchaseOrderDetail - UDF_HEADERSHIPDATE)

    I tried the following script:

    retVal = 0
    headershipdate = ""
    retVal = GetValue("UDF_REQ_SHIP_DATE$",headershipdate…

  • QTY Pulled Calculation

    I am giving my best attempt at scripting a calculation of what we have on hand compared to the original ordered quantity and populating a UDF.  I know I have some holes as to the logic of the process and my end goal but I think I can figure those out if…

  • Script to only fire off Once

    Before I start to write this script, is there a way to only allow a script to fire off once?  Background of the script I will create:  Need to populate the "SO DETAILS PURCHASEORDERNO" if blank with a "C" for all customers except 3 or 4, and only on lines…

  • Script to find the Contact Code from the Confirm To in Sales Order

    Hi, I'm trying to write a script to find the Contact Code using the Confirm To in the Sales Order header so that I can populate some user defined fields in the contact code maintenance into the sales order header. I have this so far, but it's not finding…

  • Type mismatch


    I'm trying to convert numbers entered into a text field to an integer value.  I have tried:



    but nothing seems to work.  Any ideas?



  • Date Script Check

    I used a few other post to compile this script to add 7 days to the order date and populate a UDF date field.  I tested the script and it worked but I get nervous about how I am getting the results, is it best method wise?  Could someone please check it…

  • Add 7 or 14 to a date to populate a UDF

    Hi Forum,

    I am trying to populate a date in UDF based on a date in UDT plust 7 or 14 days depending on the Whse code.

    i've tried what i know and what i got from the forum and i am still getting an error on the following message.

    here is the script…

  • UDF Calculation


    I want to calculate UDF H, W & D to Volumn Field to get the cubic feet of item:  (H x W x D)/1728. The following formula doesn't work on a prewrite UD script setting. I appreciate help from you expert. Thanks :)

    H = 0
    W = 0
    D = 0
    CF = 0


  • Search Address Fields Script

    Trying to search the 3 address line fields for a key word to populate the ShipToCode and the ShipVia field.  Can I do this in one script or do I have to create a script for each search field?  This is what I got so far.

    rVal = 0
    sAddress = ""