• BOI not pushing web orders to Sage 100

    We are encountering an issue where CIM Cloud web orders are successfully pushing to the ERP Driver but is failing to create a BOI session. Any suggestions on what other pieces we can troubleshoot before reinstalling the ERP Driver? 

    What we have tried…

  • Is the BOI going to stick around for awhile? Is there a better way to communicate with Sage 100

    I've been working with the Sage 100 BOI for some time now and have done a lot of C# applications that interact with the BOI for all sorts of Sage 100 integrations.  As we all know the "API" is pretty clunky.  I thought about creating a class…

  • BOI with Webpage

    We have an intranet page we'd like to write to Sage with via BOI.  For years we have used BOI in .NET desktop applications (using a dll containing 'wrapper' classes written in VB.NET) and its worked great.  However when attempting to use it…

  • CustomerNo$ not on file

    We have no issues creating AR invoices in the ProvideX library with Sage 100 Advanced. We have several clients using our integration (all with Advanced). We were told our code would not need to change to support Premium (SQL). After setting up Premium…

  • Hopefully an easy one - Failed to load the ProvideX library

    We have no issues loading the ProvideX library with Sage 100 Advanced, however we're having an issue with Sage 100 Premium (SQL).

    We use the following c# code. It appears we're getting an error when it tries to invoke the Init method.  Stack trace…

  • Where is Credit card information stored in Sage 100

    Can anyone please help me with the business object for Credit card information and the tables in which it is stored.

  • Purchase order is getting created without line items

    Can anyone please help me in creating purchase order in sage. I tried creating it but the line items are not getting inserted and getting the following error

    "This Purchase Order has no lines and has zero total amounts".

    ARDivisionNo = WScript…

  • Vendor purchase order Business object and script

    Hi Team, 

    Can anyone please help me in getting the business object interface for creating Vendor purchase order in sage. 


  • Not able to write using AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_bus object


    I'm trying to use vbs script to insert an entry into the AR_InvoiceHistory table using AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_bus object but I'm getting the following error:

    Can anybody please help.

  • "You cannot set key column "ItemCode$" while in edit state" getting this error when sending item code as "/newitem" of charge type miscellaneous item

    I am getting this error when trying to add miscellaneous item of charge type for sales order in sage100c 2021

    int TaskID = (int)oSS.InvokeMethod("nLookupTask", "CI_ItemCode_UI");
    oSS.InvokeMethod("nSetProgram", TaskID);

  • Looking for consultant to help in installation of Sage API into our sage 100 2020


    We are looking for consultant to help in installation of Sage API into our sage 100 2020.

     Please check below link for understanding:


  • How to receive access to Account Receivables documents via API

    Hello Team,

    I have an application and want to integrate it with Sage 100 cloud.
    I found the following specification:


    As I understood, this API allows receiving all Account Receivables documents from Sage 100.
    I would…

  • Integration with Sage 100

    Hello Team,

    Could you please help me with the following questions?

    1) Is it possible to integrate data from Sage 100 via web API?
    2) Does Sage 100 have a cloud version? or it is just an On-Premise version?

  • Issues with Web Services in Sage 100 Version 2020

    Client upgraded from 2018 to 2020 and now can't import CAN (Canada) orders due to default Zip Code issue.

    Creating customer and importing sales order via Web Services.

    AR_Customer_bus column ZipCode$ is adding the default country code from Company…

  • Customer integration issue after update to 2020

    We have a customer that just upgraded their Sage 100 product to the 2020 version and are seeing some issues with integrating to our product.  They migrating from Sage 2016.  

    Below is a code snippet of where the issue is coming from.  The error is “CI_NOF…

  • Refresh Sales Order lines after they are imported

    Hi Forum,

    I have a script that imports Sales orders from a SQL server, but because some of the lines are kits the components display at the end of the order.

    Is there a way in BOI to refresh the Sales Order lines after is imported into Sage ?


  • What's the purpose of SetDate?

    I took the BOI class, but that seems to be intended as a high-level overview, not so much a function-by-function breakdown. I checked the documentation, but it just says "Set module date". Not exactly helpful.

    So, what's the effect of setting…

  • nLookupTask returns 0, sLastErrorMsg is empty

    I'm trying to read from AP_VendorElectronicPayment and not having a whole lot of luck. I've verified that electronic payments are enabled for the vendor, and I can access electronic payments settings using the same credentials as this code runs under…

  • Is there any way to use the BOI on modules not created directly by Sage?

    The example I'm looking at right now is MAPADOC. It seems that the table I need to update (EC_PSCase) does have a file in their folder named EC_PSCase_bus.pvc, and the EC module can be loaded successfully in VBScript. Is there a way to extrapolate the…

  • Creating a new customer get message "The Salesperson Number is required"

    Hi Forum,

    I need to add new customers using BOI.  I can nSetKey() and have no problem the retVal = 2 which is correct.

    when i do the nWrite() i get the message "The Salesperson Number is required".  I am hard coding a valid SalesPerson number…

  • Integration of Sage 100 to my rails application

    I am a developer, and we have purchased Sage 100 partner account. We want to integrate it with our app. Where we will fetch products related data to our system. However, I am unable to see any help regarding the REST API or integration tool. I will…

  • Error creating record in SO_SalesOrderPayment table, "you must enter payment information, Sage Exchange Vault Payment Identifier"

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to figure out how to know what is the cause of an error that will not let my software create a payment record for an incoming Sales Order. The error I got from the business object is:

    "Error Creating record from table to SO_SalesOrder_Bus…

  • BOI with PR : Cant figure out how to add detail lines to pr_payroll

    Hi all!

    I'm working with the new BOI capable PR module and having trouble sorting out how to add detail lines.

    I seem to have worked out creating a transaction, at least the batch I create does end up with an entry for the employee I am adding to…

  • Error produced in vbscript when trying to create GL_Account: The record is not in an editable state.

    I am just starting out on my Sage 100 journey to help our Sage admin automate a few processes. So, please bear with me as my knowledge is limited...

    We are on Sage 100c Premium 2018 (Version

    I took the Intro to BOI class in SageU which was very…

  • Read Inventory from Sage in C# .net

    Hello Everyone

    I am New to the sage and looking for the C# integration with sage to read inventory data for the client. Our client have the SAGE 100 ERP software .

    Can anyone help me this and provide the some links for the same.