• BOI PO_PurchaseOrder creation.

    Background: We're using the C# NuGet package.

    When I have a session object (Sage100.ObjectManagement.MasSession), I'm able to do the following (though, actual creation inevitably fails because of needed line items).

    var createObject = session…

  • Sales Order ShipTo address being ignored

    I have a C# dotNet 4.8 web application providing API services into Sage 100, working fine at multiple sites.  At one customer, the Sales Order BOI seems to ignore the ShipToAddress fields on the sales order.  Avatax and Scanforce are installed on this site…

  • BOI not pushing web orders to Sage 100

    We are encountering an issue where CIM Cloud web orders are successfully pushing to the ERP Driver but is failing to create a BOI session. Any suggestions on what other pieces we can troubleshoot before reinstalling the ERP Driver? 

    What we have tried…

  • Is the BOI going to stick around for awhile? Is there a better way to communicate with Sage 100

    I've been working with the Sage 100 BOI for some time now and have done a lot of C# applications that interact with the BOI for all sorts of Sage 100 integrations.  As we all know the "API" is pretty clunky.  I thought about creating a class…

  • Sale order zipcode import issue after upgrading from Sage 2018 to 2021


    We just recently upgraded to Sage 2018 to 2021 and our third-party web service(Deposco) sale order imports are now having issues after migration.

    Error response: FAILED : Exception: Error trying to set property BillToZipCode$ with value 46550. Last…

  • BOI with Webpage

    We have an intranet page we'd like to write to Sage with via BOI.  For years we have used BOI in .NET desktop applications (using a dll containing 'wrapper' classes written in VB.NET) and its worked great.  However when attempting to use it…

  • Update existing PO lines

    I am new to this so please bear with me. I have the following script ( i can only post a portion of the code. The SPAM blocker flagged it as malicious) that is used to update two UDF fields from a .csv file. It is called via a custom application. I am…

  • BOI SO_SalesOrder_bus call to nSetKey(key) fails, sLastErrorMessage = "This order is currently being shipped. The invoice number is [num] in batch [num]"

    Using the BOI and trying to loop through all Sales Orders and, for each Sales Order, loop through all lines. Have it working however some orders are in a state such that, if opened from the Sage UI, a popup is shown with text like:

    In the UI, I can click…

  • CustomerNo$ not on file

    We have no issues creating AR invoices in the ProvideX library with Sage 100 Advanced. We have several clients using our integration (all with Advanced). We were told our code would not need to change to support Premium (SQL). After setting up Premium…

  • Issue updating Inventory Transaction Receipt Multi-Bin Distribution using BOI

    When attempting to create line items for a Inventory Transaction Receipt batch I'm having issues when I attempt to update the distribution.  my code was working on Sage 2018 but they are upgrading to Sage 2021 and it now throws an


  • Hopefully an easy one - Failed to load the ProvideX library

    We have no issues loading the ProvideX library with Sage 100 Advanced, however we're having an issue with Sage 100 Premium (SQL).

    We use the following c# code. It appears we're getting an error when it tries to invoke the Init method.  Stack trace…

  • BOI Update Receipt of Goods Register Sage 100 Premium 2022 BOI

    Hi All,

    I am having an issue running PO_ReceiptRegister_upd. I am trying to run the Receipt of Goods Register from BOI.

    oSS.InvokeMethod("nSetDate", "P/O", date);
    oSS.InvokeMethod("nSetModule", "P/O");
    //DispatchObject security = new DispatchObject…

  • NetCore IIS scoped requests - Sage BOI - Cannot initiate multiple "SY_Session"

    HI All!

    We've put together a netcore API hosted on IIS for integrating with other tools we have.  All of our services on the API are scoped to give the requests their own instances and dependencies.  

    public static void AppServices(this IServiceCollection…

  • Where is Credit card information stored in Sage 100

    Can anyone please help me with the business object for Credit card information and the tables in which it is stored.

  • Purchase order is getting created without line items

    Can anyone please help me in creating purchase order in sage. I tried creating it but the line items are not getting inserted and getting the following error

    "This Purchase Order has no lines and has zero total amounts".

    ARDivisionNo = WScript…

  • Vendor purchase order Business object and script

    Hi Team, 

    Can anyone please help me in getting the business object interface for creating Vendor purchase order in sage. 


  • Enable to write multiline description in product object

    I am tring to write multiline extended description of product but not able to write it using description. i used \r\n and \n for carrige return or line break but it ignored and description come with single line.

  • Not able to write using AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_bus object


    I'm trying to use vbs script to insert an entry into the AR_InvoiceHistory table using AR_InvoiceHistoryInquiry_bus object but I'm getting the following error:

    Can anybody please help.

  • nSetKeyValue returns 100006 and Triggers VBA Error 438 but sLastErrorMsg is Empty

    I'm using the identical code to nSetValue R/W fields that has worked for years, but I am finding that it fails for some tables even though they show a R/W Business Object. I am modifying a non-key field in GL_DetailPosting, but I cannot get past the nSetKeyValue…

  • C# BOI example of creating an AR_Invoice with lines/details

    Is there anyone that can help with providing an example of creating an AR Invoice with lines/details in C# using either BOI or the nuget package www.nuget.org/.../

  • Using python with the BOI

    We have a python (3.10) application that we want to use to create a sales order in Sage 100.

    I have installed pywin32 so the python script can access win32/COM.

    This code works up to the point where I try to call a method on the SY_Session object:


  • Sage 100 - Determine if update is programmatic via BOI or Sage Application user

    Wondering if there are some flags/properties in the BOI object that can be used to determine if an update (CI_Item in this case) are

    coming from a Sage Application user or from a BOI program within a Pre-Write script.

    psuedo=allow spaces when coming…

  • Sage100.ObjectManagement Interfaces .net Error when creating line entry

               var sessionLogon = new SessionLogon
                    CompanyCode = companyCode,
                    UserLogon = new NetworkCredential { UserName = userName, Password = password },
                    ModuleCode = ModuleNames.AccountsReceivable…

  • C# Create Sales Invoice From Sales Order; nSetKey() fails, sLastErrorMsg = "The [InvoiceNo] is invalid"

    I am on Sage 100c Standard 2016 (Version (yes, I know it is very old, and have plans to upgrade to a supported version).  I am attempting to create a program in C# that creates a sales invoice from a sales order.

    When my program executes the…

  • Cleanup() returns null

    I have a C# code that integrates with Sage 100 2021 Standard.

    After performing some action I want to clean and close the session I opened. for this I'm using:


    for some reason the nCleanup() returns null instead…