• Sage100 BOI : AR_InvoiceDetail

    We are currently exploring usage of the Sage100.ObjectManagement NuGet package (.NET 6 FYI).

    I can create AR_InvoiceHeader and AR_InvoiceDetail line items.

    Preface: Already have an instance of MasSession that is all well and good (authorized and functions…

  • Multi-Bin Location Maintenance

    I need to delete approximately 1200+ bin locations.  Please tell me there is a way to mass delete?

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • How do I remove an unposted invoice for error handling using BOI.

    I want to improve error handling in a script I have.  How do I remove a unposted invoice using BOI.  I couldn't seem to get the Delete function to work.

  • oShipLines.nCopyLinesFromSalesOrder(soOrder) is copying an extra line

    Hi Forum,

    I am using .nCopyLinesFromSalesOrder(soOrder) to bring in all lines from the Sales Order into Shipping Invoice data entry and every order I import is duplicating the lines.

    Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated.



  • Changing Vendor No

    Hello I need to change all items with Vendor No# NOV02 to NOV04 would I do this within VI??

  • Cash Receipts Import

    Hi Forum,

    I've been trying to import Cash Receipts via a BOI script and i am going nowhere.

    Once i was able to import the lines but they came in with no AmountPosted.

    Then i changed the script to find the invoice Lines and all of a sudden, no invoices…

  • Adding a markup to a number during Visual Integrator Import

    Running Sage 100 v2018 and am trying to create a VI import where one of the numeric fields being imported needs to have a $0.10 markup (i.e. if the field is populated with $2.35, the import should add .10 so the record would import the price as $2.45…

  • Using a Sage UDT (Sage Premium SQL table) as a source for a VI job?

    How can I use a Sage UDT SQL table as a source for a VI job? 

  • MyAssistant / Office Connector Functionality in Sage 100

    Does Sage 100 have MyAssistant or functionality similar to it or Office Connector?  My use case is extracting data regularly for Reporting.

  • How to automatically create Work Ticket in Production Management from Sales Order using BOI

    I have built an order importer that automatically creates sales orders based off of an EDI file from our customers.  It works great.  We are currently upgrading Sage 100 to include Production Management Plus and I want to be able to add in the ability to…

  • PO Clearing Table

    Hello not sure if this is the right place to ask this question but I'm looking to see if there is a table that hold records for the Purchases Clearing report.. 

  • Importing Sales order in BOI doesn't import zip codes

    Hi Forum,

    We have a script that we use to import sales orders from a website.  It has been working but we upgraded Sage 2016 to Sage 2021.2 Premium and now the BOI script is failing.

    First, we had an issue with Tax Schedule is required message and that…

  • Adding a perform with two select statements in Sage 100 Visual Integrator

    Client running Sage 100 v2018.  Trying to export purchase order information based on two select criteria that is outside standard fields.  I'm able to create a Perform for the individual selections and when I add one of the two perform functions to the export…

  • VI Import Vendor Number

    I am working on an import that is related to the following thread; https://www.sagecity.com/us/sage100_erp/f/sage-100-business-object-interface/177980/how-to-run-visual-integrator-from-bat-file.

    When I go to test the PO_Header import I keep getting an…

  • Looking to Export AP Payment Transaction History-System Limiting Export

    When exporting payment history for AP I am only getting a few years information. If I run a report I can see the system has 20 years worth of data but its only giving me 2+ years which is more like just the time frame for viewing in the system. I tried…

  • Skip duplicate import record if invoice is in history

    Running Sage 100 v2018.  Created a VI import into AP_InvoiceHeader/Detail in order to populate invoices into AP Invoice Entry.  I have a Perform that checks to see if there are duplicates in the AP_InvoiceHistoryHeader table:


  • Sage 100 BOI Script to Create Inventory Transactions

    I'm writing a BOI script to create Inventory Adjustment Transactions.  I want to use the next available entry number so I have the GetNextEntryNo(refNo$) function in my script.  What I can't figure out is what the "refNo$" needs to be.…

  • vi job inventory alias

    Need to clean up inventory alias.

    My first attemp is adding another alias

    I need to replace the alias with the alias in the import file

    If I need to deete aliases first before I import, how do I delete without going into each alias?

  • VI Job error WO with Bill Revision

    I'm trying to create a job to change dates for Work orders. Some WO through errors like this when the Revision Code has any letters. Some of our revisions are just numbers like the ### but some do have some letters which are allowed in the Bill of Materials…

  • You cannot use a credit card or ACH payment when credit card of ACH payment type is not set up

    Hi Forum,

    When importing Invoices in Sage i am getting the message.. "

    You cannot use a credit card or ACH payment when credit card of ACH payment type is not set up"

    The customer payment type is "CHECK", the process continues with no problem…

  • Error LastErrorNum and Msg: CI_Required:The Sales Order Number is required when saving UDF changes to SO Header record.

    We are exporting Sales Orders to a distribution center for shipping. I have created 2 UDFs on the SO_SalesOrderHeader table. Once the export file is done, I have a script that reads through it and is trying to update the 2 header UDFs.  When I go to save…

  • Only writing the last line into SO Lines

    Hi Forum,

    I am importing Sales Order and the a fixed number of items (4 lines)

    The last line is "/C" comment, and it is the only one written to the lines table.

    Is it because the ADDLINE() not working properly?



  • Error: 0 in method ADDLINE()

    Hi Forum,

    Is there a reason on why when i set the CusotmerPONo in a BOI script , I am getting Error: 0 in method ADDLINE() ?.

    Here is my line of code.  I have the same line of code on other scripts and work fine, although the script is reading a MySQL…

  • Import AR Salesperson Commission - Err Record in Uneditable State

    Older version Sage 100 4.5 (yay, I know)

    Need to change the SalesSubjectToComm amount, created VI Import to AR_SalespersonCommission

    Test run, all records pass.

    Live run, all records fail with "Record is in Uneditable State".

    No other users…

  • AP Invoice Source Journal

    Running Sage 100 v2018.  Using VI to import AP invoices into AP Invoice Entry.  Client would like to use a separate Source Journal when updating these imported transactions rather than the default "AP" Source Journal.  I don't know if I can force…