• QTY On Hand showing incorrect figure

    Hi Guys

    We are having an issue with an item that is showing a QOH of 2 but on the history tab its actually showing the correct amount which is -34. I have ran a rebuild for modules IM, SO & PO to see if this would correct this but it didn't fix it.…

  • How to avoid triggering pre-total events for each line of the same imported invoice?

    I've developed a script that, for some customers, discounts TX ItemCode's to absorb their AvaTax calculated sales tax and present a invoice total including sales tax (but not freight) equal to the original net invoice, but when the invoice is imported…

  • Added credit card fee to a sales order

    I'm trying to calculate the extension amount of a miscellaneous charge code.  When "/CCFEE" is entered as the charge code, I want the extension amount to be the total amount multiplied by .025.

    Here is my script.  I'm getting the following…

  • FICA calculations are incorrect

    We are running Sage 100 2019 ( Version

    I hope someone has an idea how to correct this because I'm at a loss.

    We have one employee that all of a sudden is not having FICA calculated on their check.  This person is not even…

  • Converting to Standard costing

    Does anyone know how to vouch an invoice where the associated standard costs includes freight from a third party?

    The idea would be avoid a large and inaccurate variance.


  • Stu:Post-Completion OPT and resident alien status

    Good day:

    We have a Resident alien employee who is Stu:Post-Completion OPT.  Although he is set up as a resident alien, I do not see where he can be set up with an F1 status. He is exempt for Medicare and SS but those liabilities are still being deducted…

  • Random Error on oBusObj.GetValue in Customer Maintenance

    Hi Experts,

    I wrote a very simple script that pulls information from a field in Customer Maintenance (at the Table Load event) and then performs some logic. That script runs usually fine. But some users randomly get the following error 88 - Object doesn…

  • allocated tips question

    Is it legal to "back in" to a dollar amount for a servers shortfall when using the Gross Receipts Method of determining allocated tips.

  • oScript.Execute


    I am trying to find any doc on "oScript.Execute", i am facing an issue
    i want to call a 3rd party app and want the script to wait till the exe completes its execution.


  • Script to replace SRP with a formula calculating LstCost * % in PO Recipts update

    Hi Forum, 

    Is there a way to update an Item field with the result of a calculation during PO Receipts Update Process with a vbscript  in Satge 100


    Manuel Roman

  • automating "Recalc Price" button in S/O entry

    4.40 sp 6.0

    My client would like to keep SO item pricing up to date for orders/sales to a related company.  Is there a way to automate the price update process associated with the "Recalc Price" button in S/O entry?  


    I was planning to loop through…

  • How to change tax schedue value BUS Provide X script

    Hello everyone,

    With this C# method 

    public OperationResult<object> UpdateTaxSchedule(string docNumber, s.TransactionSubType subtype, string taxSchedule)

    SetValue("TaxSchedule$", taxSchedule);
    return "Ok";

    protected void SetValue…

  • AR_InvoiceTaxSummary_bus is updated only Taxable Amount in A/R Invoice Data Entry Totals

    Hello everyone!

    I have script that should be updating the value of TaxAmount field in Account Receivable ->Invoice Data Entry...

    strInvoiceNumerAndSchedule = strInvoiceNumber & "IN" & "000001EX"

    Set oTS = oSession.AsObject…

  • Sales Order Entry chaning the Schedule From VBScrip

    Hello every one,

    I`m trying to change the Schedule in Sales Order Entry .The strange thing is that im able to get the value of the field(TaxSchedule) but not to set new one

    strTaxSchedule = ""

    If oBusObj.EditState>0 Then

    retVal = oBusObj…

  • Cannot find the right BUS object for Customer Ship To Address Maintenance

    Hello everybody,

    Tnx for the support in last 2 questions!

    I stuck again with some strange problem...

    I have to extract data from the form : Customer Ship To Address Maintenance 

    Account Receivable ->Main ->Customer Maintenance-> Main Tab on the right…

  • Running a script when a field changes

    I have a UDF that tracks the sum of the Quantity Shipped, I would like to reset the picking sheet print flags when this field changes... My current script is: 

    sPPS = "Y"
    sPSP = "N"
    retval = obusobj.setvalue("PrintPickingSheets$",sPPS…

  • BOI with ColdFusion

    This is a long shot but I was wondering if anyone out there has ever utilized ColdFusion with Sage 100 BOI? Looking to integrate Sage 100 through ColdFusion with COM. 

  • Shipment packaging problems after updating to Sage ERP 2014 Update 4 (

    Hi Forum,

    Our shipping software' packaging logic fails after customers updated to Sage ERP 2014, due to the new Sage ERP Shipping Data Entry verification of packaged quantity to be matching shipped quantity. It is described in Sage release notes…