• SO Batch Invoice Multiple Orders

    We can batch invoice certain SO's, however the problem is changing the tax schedule, I had found a work around with two scripts.  Since we upgraded we are having trouble with the second order we batch invoice not getting "closed" out.  The…

  • Alternate Item Auto SO Line Entry


    I am revisiting this topic, would scripting be an option to automatically select the first alternate item with sufficient available inventory…

  • Error in Process Report Method

    We've been trying to automatically post SO Invoice batches at the end of the day.  While we have tried using the task scheduler within Sage, we found that for SOME batches (batches created by the shippers in shipping data entry), the sales journal…

  • AP Invoice Batch Posting Issue


    We are running into an interesting phenomenon. A BOI script creates AP and PO invoices in multiple companies, and then posts the AP and PO batches company by company. A lot of times that works just fine. Every now and then the invoices and…

  • BOI Create Completion Transaction for Work Ticket

    I'm trying to use Business Objects to create a completion transaction for a Work Ticket in Sage 100 2022.  I can't seem to figure out how to add the work ticket to the actual transaction.  Below is a slimmed down version at its simplest form of…

  • Invoice total displaying as zero

    The total is displaying as zero in Invoice Data entry

    I've written the script for the extension amount as follows. Can you pls clarify which column should be used to store the total?

  • Invoices not showing in customer maintenance

    Hi Team, 

    Can someone kindly help me with displaying the invoices in the customer maintenance section? 

    It appears in the data entry for invoices but not in the section for customer maintenance.

  • issue with an external BOI script to populate and post cash receipts entries

    Hello all, 

    I'm seeing an odd issue with an external BOI script to populate and post cash receipts entries.

    The short story is that automatic posting results in a duplicate bank rec deposit entry and leaves an orphaned deposit record in AR_CashReceiptsDeposit…

  • Auto-Saving JE's Not Available in Sage Paperless Office


    We use Sage 100 > DM2 which has some additional journals that are not available with the standard Sage 100 product and therefore are not options to auto-save in the Journal and Registers Maintenance module. Is it possible using a user-defined script…

  • Does anyone know how to control the invoice date and update date to prevent for updating the batch, until both are the same?

    Does anyone know how to control the invoice date and update date to prevent for updating the batch, until both are the same? This relates to all modules SO,PO, AR, AP, IM. If anyone knows how to custom script on how to handle this matter? thanks. 

  • <NewObject Error 200> on Set oCC = oScript.NewObject("AR_CustomerCreditCard_bus", oSS)

    Hi Forum,

    We are getting an error 200 trying to create "AR_CustomerCrditCard_bus" object

    The customer uses Paya to pre-auth credit cards and for whatever reason it is not letting us create the object.

    This same code worked in Sage 2016.  Upgrade…

  • A batch number is not set up when creating invoice using BOI

    Hi all, 

    I was searching around and was not able to find issue that would provide me a hint on the problem I'm currently facing and was hoping to request some help from the community.

    I'm getting the error of.. A batch number is not set up


  • Message Box Showing Up Even When Intended Criteria is not Met


    A few days ago I had a Post that I was lucky enough to get help with. After getting some feedback from some of our shipping department, they let me know that even if they go in and change the Ship Date in Sales Order Entry, the message box will still…

  • Checking if Ship Date is past due when Creating Packing Lists

    When opening a Sales Order # in Shipping Data Entry, I'd like there to be a message box if today's date is past the ship date of the order. I grabbed this code off of a previous question I asked in this forum and figured I could use most of it for my problem…

  • Automatic Invoice Updating with Criterias

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking to Automatically update invoices wither certain criterias, any idea on how to do this? I am looking to have the invoices with certain Customer Divisions that have a tracking number upated automatically each day. All our invoices…

  • Move AR Cash Receipts Entry to a different batch possible?

    On occasion we need to move one or more cash receipts entries out of the existing batch, into its own batch. Currently the only way I know to do this is to view the existing entry, open a new batch and manually recreate the entry in the new batch, before…

  • Checking if invoice number exists on sales order invoice entry

    I have a c# program that automates inputting sales order invoices based on provided xml data. Currently I am setting the batch no and then using,

    successCheck(headerObject, (int)headerObject.InvokeMethod("nSetKey", headerInfo["InvoiceNo$"]), "SetKey"…

  • SO SalesJournal Update via BOI - retVal = 0 in nSelectBatch


    I am working on a script that modifies the comment on a batch, sets it to private, and eventually attempts to post batches. I am getting the following error message when attempting to do the nSelectBatch on the SO_SalesJournal_upd object:


  • Error: 0 in Method SETKEYVALUE

    Hi Forum,

    I am getting an error 0 in Method SETKEYVALUE trying to set the key for Sales Order Lines.

    Below is the code i have.  I can read the key of the Sales Order Header but i cannot read the Lines.

    'Get Sales Order Header

    retVal = o.nSetKeyValue…


    I inadvertently created 2 journal entry batches for the daily upload.  How do I delete them?

  • SO_SalesJournal_upd - 'The register must be printed prior to posting'

    So my trials with this update object continue.  I have a console application that simply prints to paperless/updates the SO Sales Journal for any and all SO Invoice batches available.  Program works fine when running it manually - prints all necessary reports…

  • SO_SalesJournal_upd print additional reports/recaps

    So this is a follow up to a recent post of mine (https://www.sagecity.com/support_communities/sage100_erp/f/sage-100-business-object-interface/168323/so_salesjournal_upd-batch-selection), but wanted to start a separate thread for the other questions I…

  • SO_SalesJournal_upd Batch Selection

    Anyone know if its possible to simulate the 'select all batches' UI functionality when selecting batches to post via BOI?  I'd like to select multiple batches rather than iterating through all open SO Invoice batches and updating them individually…

  • Script to import AP Invoices with multiple lines

    Hi Forum,

    I have a BOI script to import AP Invoices.  All works fine, except the invoices with multiple lines.

    I add the total and matches the total of the invoice but i get the message "Out of Balance".

    I couldn't find anything related to my…

  • Bank Recon Sage Feeds

    Any recommendation on how to fix the setup for bank feeds with Bank Reconciliation module. "Error coming is Sage Bank feeds is not available at this time and cannot process your request. Please try again later. "

    Tried turning off firewall…