• AP Invoice Batch Posting Issue


    We are running into an interesting phenomenon. A BOI script creates AP and PO invoices in multiple companies, and then posts the AP and PO batches company by company. A lot of times that works just fine. Every now and then the invoices and…

  • Disable Specific Batch from Selection in "Daily Sales Reports/Updates"

    We're using Batches in Shipping Data Entry and want to suppress a specific batch from being selected when running "Daily Sales Reports/Updates."  For example, in the screenshot below we want the print option for batch PACK to be disabled, or…

  • Looping a table while batches enabled


    I want to loop through all my not-registered invoices.

    What I do (in general) is:

    dynamic obj = pvx.NewObject("AP_ManualCheck_bus", oSession);
    obj.nMoveFirst();   //To get to the first record 
    //Rest of code

    The problem is that I have…

  • Unable to read line level data


    I am trying to read data from SO_SalesOrderDetial

    i tried setting key value to read data for a given sales order

    i am able to get data using GetResultSet but i am not able to read values like price , ordered etc

    and when i am trying to use getvale…

  • Unable to edit order line and tax amount


    I am trying to edit a existing sales order using BOI,... i am able to make header level changes but when i am trying to change line level data ( ie: item code) a new line is getting created....

    And when i am trying to add a new line and over write…

  • Get list of batches using BOI

    I am trying to get all available batches using BOI, 

    SY_BatchManager_bus, is returning empty string for BatchNo$.


  • Create new Batch / Get used Batch number


    I'm inserting invoices for a client and they have requested that they all go into the same batch. 

    I can't figure out how to create a new batch and keep using it. The best I can come up with is creating a new batch for each invoice. 

    I pull…