• NetCore IIS scoped requests - Sage BOI - Cannot initiate multiple "SY_Session"

    HI All!

    We've put together a netcore API hosted on IIS for integrating with other tools we have.  All of our services on the API are scoped to give the requests their own instances and dependencies.  

    public static void AppServices(this IServiceCollection…

  • How to create invoice in Sage 100 using object matrix c# , if you don't manage stock


    Greetings !!!

    I want c # sample code through which i can create invoice entry through object matrix dll for sage 100

  • Customer integration issue after update to 2020

    We have a customer that just upgraded their Sage 100 product to the 2020 version and are seeing some issues with integrating to our product.  They migrating from Sage 2016.  

    Below is a code snippet of where the issue is coming from.  The error is “CI_NOF…

  • .net com

    Hello, I already made some vbscripts, I'm trying to build a c# .net application, on examples I saw "STAThread", is there a specific configuration to use this or COM? thanks

  • <Error: 0 in Method UPDATEINT>


    I have the code below for automatic registration/update of the production transactions.

    I've been getting an error on the UpdateInit method.


  • Invalid or missing posting date encountered on Bill of Materials transaction update


    I've been working on automatic registration of transactions for Bill of materials.

    but I've been encoutering this issue for a couple of days now.

    its been throwing me an error that says "Invalid or missing posting date encountered"…

  • Production Entry Revision number


    I've been wondering if there's a way to get the latest revision number from A Bill of Materials.

    I've tried to get the value by uising  oProduction.nGetValue("Revision$", strRevisionNo) but im still getting the "000" revision number.…

  • BM ProductionRegister - New object error:200

    i've been constantly getting the error "System.Exception: <NewObject Error: 200>" when I register the BM production entries.

    here's what I have coded:


  • BOM DistributionLine Error


    I've been wondering for a couple of days now. it seems that the Distribution line is adding a bunch of numbers on my Lot.

     retVal = oProduction.oLines.oDistribution.nAddDistributionLine("B456")


  • BOI with Custom Module.

    Hi All,

    I have a custom module installed in Sage 100, I need to do insert in it using BOI script. Is anyone has any Idea how I can achieve it?

    your reply will be Appreciated 



  • Select an existing batch number


    I have tried looking though out the forums for a way to select a batch number to use when trying to import invoices into Sage 100. What I have found was to use SelectBatch and pass the batch number I want to use as the parameter, but when I do I…

  • Read Inventory from Sage in C# .net

    Hello Everyone

    I am New to the sage and looking for the C# integration with sage to read inventory data for the client. Our client have the SAGE 100 ERP software .

    Can anyone help me this and provide the some links for the same.

  • AR_NoSEDesktop - Cannot communicate with Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0.

    Verify the application is installed and running. Contact Sage 100 Customer Support if the problem persists

    Has anyone seen this error before? It is happening when I try to write a sales order with SO_SalesOrder. It happens on the nWrite. It actually writes…

  • Access Sage 100 i7 data from outside...


    A client of mine owns SAGE 100 i7 and I wonder whether it's possible or not to access his data from outside (from a webserver hosted in Azure) like the bank transactions...

    Any idea?

    Thanks in advance for any help.

    Best regards,


  • Is there a .NET library available that lays on top of BOI COM implementation?

    I recently took the BOI course on SageU and have been educating myself in how to use the BOI COM interface. I'm finding that there seems to be a real need for a .NET (or CLR) library that abstracts away the COM implementation so that we can just work…

  • Looking for C# code to search for SO

    Hey all,

    I’d like to look up a Sale Order using C#, any clues would be greatly appreciated.


  • Get a list of codes required for customers such as Terms, Salespersons, and Tax Schedules

    I am new to BOI. I have figured out how to pull customer data using AR_Customer_svc. Where do I find a list of services for other tables such as Terms, Salespersons, and Tax Schedules?

    Thanks in advance!

  • Collaboration sought for Import of SO Invoices from XML file with BOI

    I am hoping there is someone out there with an ability and willingness to help me.

    As a Master Developer with have not really had much need to develop things using BOI since we can always modify the code if needed. We have taken the class and we are successfully…

  • Re: Where do I get Interop.ProvideX.dll

    Years ago our master developer provided us with a copy of Interop.ProvideX.dll  for a .net application we have.  The file is from 2009, it works with Pvxcom.exe.  We are having issues with this version (leaving too many copies running, crashing in the middle…

  • Command Line Scripting

    I have an external program linked to Repetitive invoicing. I need to associate the program to repetitive invoicing by passing parameters.
    How to pass the Customer Number listed in the data reference as parameter to a command script ?

  • How do I get the order lines to populate an Invoice/Shipment using BOI with C# when I set the order number?

    I am working with an integration that was previously working (nothing was changed in the code).

    An order is created in Sage 100, and I then go to set the SalesOrderNo as part of a new Invoice/Shipment in code, and this should load in the line items from…

  • Getting error "Unable to select this batch. This batch was created in Invoice Data Entry." from SO_Shipping_BUS

    I am trying to create a new batch and use the SO_Shipping_BUS object to process a sales order automatically through Shipping Data Entry.

    The code works if I use SO_Invoice_BUS, but not for SO_Shipping_BUS.  When I try to set the invoiceNo key, I get the…

  • Not able to create Sales Orders in Sage 100 using BOI

    I have written a code to create sales orders from my c# code.But when i set customerNo$,it always fails and returns '0'.

    Here is my Code

    namespace SageSalesOrder
    class Program
    public static string successCheck(int checkValue, string call)

  • Sage 100 2017. Cannot communicate with Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0 when initializing AR_CustomerCreditCard_Bus

    I get an error that says "Cannot communicate with Sage Exchange Desktop 2.0" when initializing AR_CustomerCreditCard_Bus in VB.Net as a Windows Service.  I have the sample code attached and the credentials to Sage are hard coded in the Sage100Connection…

  • The Records is not in editable state


    I got this "The Records is not in editable state" Error while delete contact from Ar_CustomerContact_bus object. 

    Please anyone give hint to solve this issue.