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  • What module would be best for new services?

    We currently use all the core modules (GL, AP, AR, BR, PR, IM, PO,  plus Job Cost and Time Card. I am looking for something, for example - we may have 1-3 jobs at a time (up to 90 days each), each job will have 2-3 work tickets, and each work ticket generates…

  • Sage v2022 Production Management

    feeling brave (or foolish?), I installed v2022 on client with the WO module.  Prior to installing, I looked up the registration keys for this client so had the most recent.  The module listing on the portal indicated that production management with three…

  • Experiencing FOMO? We have the cure. Upgrade to Sage 100 Version 2022.0 today!

    Sage 100 keeps getting better to continuously serve the needs of our valued customers.

    With the release of version 2022.0, Sage Production Management has been improved to offer you the features of our Work Order solution and so much more into a modern…

  • Web scheduling work orders problems

    The problem is that while importing plant from sage x3 it goes well, the file *.JSON contain all the information from sage x3, but when I opened web scheduling I can't run automatic scheduler (due to inexistence of work orders as show below)

  • Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there.

    Work Order details mysteriously moving to an unrelated work order for a different client and deletes the values that were there. 

    Any ideas on how this happens and what we can do to prevent it?

  • Service/WO Management Options - What do you use?

    What does everyone use for service work/work order management? Do you use the Service Management module within Sage? Or a 3rd party service that integrates with Sage?

  • Scanco's License Plating/Pallets for Work Order and/or Production Management- desperately seeking ANYONE who uses this

    I have clients using Work Order with scanco  Multi-bin with License Plating/Pallet for over 6 years and it works great. It has the same Pallet ID Production screen in WO Completions and in BOM production entry to auto generate.   After installing the upgrade…

  • VI Job error WO with Bill Revision

    I'm trying to create a job to change dates for Work orders. Some WO through errors like this when the Revision Code has any letters. Some of our revisions are just numbers like the ### but some do have some letters which are allowed in the Bill of Materials…

  • Work Order Auto Completed Not Allocating Materials (Sometimes)

    In the Work Order module for one of our companies, we have the settings set to:

    Work Order Issue Method:  Backflush
    Auto Generate Material Transactions:  Yes
    Auto Generate Labor Transactions:  Yes

    This has been working, but every now and then we get this message…

  • Sage WO vs PM Cross Reference?


    Is there a cross reference list of what the WO tables/fields are now called/located in PM.  I'm looking to make a new query for PM to replace what I had in WO coming from the WO9 table or WOO depending on Active or History.



  • Lot Numbers

    I need to come up with a way to consume containers (what our product is packaged in) when a work order is closed.  I have thought keeping the current BOMs for the "master BOM" (bulk BOM if you will) for each product and then doing a second BOM that puts…

  • Work Ticket Entry – Import using Visual Integrator

    I am working on importing into Work Ticket Header in Sage 100 version 2020 Premium working with Production Management. I am trying to create the same action that occurs in the user interface of Work Ticket Entry in Production Management. In the UI of…

  • Work Order Completion Transaction- Qty entered exceeds Qty Remaining to be completed.

    I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

    We have a W/O with 1 Qty Ordered and 0- Qty Complete:

    We went to enter the Completion Transaction and received the following message

    Thank you

  • Work Order Traveler adding a UDT link

    I've created a UDT with 2 fields, ItemNumber (The key) and Description (A multiline text field).

    I want to link the ItemNumber to the ItemBillNumber of a work order and display the Description on the Work Order Traveler.

    I've added the UDT table in…

  • Reversing a Backflush Transaction

    Hello SAGE Ppl,

    Is there a way that we can reverse a Backflush transaction ( Production Entry) - Please advise



  • Work Order v2017 - Material Transaction Import - Visual Integrator

    W/O-Legacy experts,

    I need help! I have been trying to set up a VI job to import W/O material transactions. I followed the KB advice to create an export job, and look at the fields that are populated, I also double-checked that I am using the proper table…

  • Applying a change of standard operations/routings to firm and planned work orders


    We need to apply a larg number of changes to the set up/running times for our machines as we have found after running for a while that the intitial rates we put in are slightly off leading to a build up of error to loadings and capacity plans over…

  • Exclude a work order from Schedule Generation?

    Is there a way to exclude certain work orders when generating a schedule? I've searched online forums/read books but I do not see anything on if we can exclude certain work orders. Please advise.
    This is in reference to the 'Schedule Generation' after…

  • Customizer

    We have Sage 100 2018.  Looking to add the Routing Number/Description to the Work Order Inquiry Header screen.  Can this be done?  I can only seem to add UDFs in Customizer.  Is there a way to add existing fields to an existing panel?



  • Work Order Traveler Printing Permissions

    I have a role that only prints blank work orders when ever WOT printing is processed.  Header detail of the crystal report appears but all fields and details are blank.

    Im holding the Role Maintenance of a working role side by side with the non-working…

  • Work order UDF issue.

    We are on Sage 2019 standard.   We are using work order, the original version.   I have added a UDF to the header tab. It is a 1 character multiline that can be Y or N.    When a user creates a new work order they enter data to the ML_UD2_TEXT field on the ADDL…

  • Deep Dive into DOSFAB

    The DOSFAB reports are a group of reports for printing Work Order documents which includes the BONTRV, BSM, FICHSUI, RECETTE, and FICHTEC

    • BONTRV is the Job Ticket report. Use this report to list, on individual job tickets, the individual operations to…
  • Separate Badge for different key functions?

    Is there any way to separate "GESMFG" Function from the "ERPMAN" Badge and put it in to some other Badge? or create some custom Badge for a user who can access different Modules. like we have few users who required to use Distribution and Manufacturing…

  • Routings - Copy Routings

    I'm updating BOMs to including a packaging code. I can copy the BOM from the original product by entering the new product code however the BOM routings are not automatically copied over. Is there a way that routings can also be copied over?

  • Work Order creating additional steps such as 100-B-500 etc.

    Good morning.

    I have created some routings which have 5 key steps to them for 5 key phases of manufacture to improve visibility.  I have made these steps standardized across routings.  The step numbers are set off by 100s so there is a step 0100, 0200,…