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  • Working with a Person's Address Type

    When you edit or add a new address for a person in Sage CRM you are invited to specify whether the address is a Business address or a Home address.

    This choice is then shown on the address list for the person.

    The default choice for address type…

  • How do default addresses and persons get created for a Company?

    When you create a new company using the standard system behaviour the Address and Person contact details that you provide get recorded into their separate tables and foreign key references are recorded on the company table to indicate which address and…
  • Link_CompAddr and Link_PersAddr won't disappear

    Hi there everyone,

    I tried to remove the address type for companies and person because it was not needed.

    I removed the relevant translations for all of it and it worked but now it says Link_PersAddr in the person entry screen and Link_CompAddr in the…