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  • Email Attachment - Change of file location

    We have recently moved our system onto Microsoft Sharepoint and in doing this it has bought up the error with emailing templates e.g. quote and PO's. This is because we have our T's&c'S attached when we email and the location of this is now on Sharepoint…

  • Logo on invoice templates


    I have been trying to set up our company's invoice templates in Sage Business Cloud Accounting. When I add our logo and adjust the size it appears blurry and pixelated. I have followed the instructions on Sage's help pages, I have tried multiple…

  • PO Comment Box - Is there a thing?

    I'm tasked with organizing my purchasing department.

    Right now they are putting comments such as:

    "confirm to email [email protected] . com " 


    "ready in september"

    random notes as line items under the items purchased.

  • Sage 300 - Import items to populate quote

    I want to import items into an O/E quotation. 

    I have attempted to export an existing "QTxxxxx" to use as a template, but I get an error message "Can't Append Table. Error: Too many fields defined." even when I limit the requested fields to those in "Orders…

  • Adding extenstion txt to exports

    Does anyone know why is X3 not exporting the txt file with an extension, what an annoying thing that has never been changed or updated in all this years.

  • Switching between multiple Contacts within a single customer when creating Quotes and Invoices

    When creating quotes and Invoices we regularly need to switch between customer contacts to ensure that the correct name appears on the invoice. This is usually for larger organisations where the cost centre is the same but the department or person requesting…

  • Adding a Retail price to a product barcode label


    I need to  add a  retail price to our Product barcode template  so we can print . Product & Services> Labels> Product Bar Code ... I've managed to adjust and add some details to the label but I can not find a way to create a Retail price appearing.…

  • Intermittent Dropping of Distribution Instructions

    We have created a Financial Statements SAGE Intelligence Report Template that has default Distribution Instructions attached to it.

    For one particular user, it seems that these Distribution Instructions intermittently do not load with the template for…

  • Invoice templates


    I have chosen the Invoice template Graphite (services).  I expected to see form items such as Quantity, Price/rate, hours, discount etc on the form. These appear to be missing one saved and printed etc.  The form only shows Description and amount so…

  • The eMail Object used by the Advanced E-mail Manager (Mail Manager)

    The Sage CRM E-mail Manager is a service that runs as a background process on the CRM server. Its job is to process inbound email ( and optionally to send automatic replies) according to predefined business rules defined a script file. These script files…

  • A round up of articles on the Mail Merge feature: The essential guide to sending emails in Sage CRM

    This short article provides a listing of the key articles that cover the use, configuration and customization of the internal email client within Sage CRM.

  • How Mail Merge Works

    In this article I want to discuss how the Mail Merge process works in detail. This includes what happens within Sage CRM and how the document is created.

    Mail Merge for Sage CRM takes place server side.

    I have discussed previously in the article "…

  • Controlling E-mail Forward and Reply Translations

    Sage CRM has its own internal e-Mail client that allows users to create, send and manage emails entirely within CRM.

    The image above shows a list of communications for a company that includes emails that have either been been created by the Sage CRM…

  • Advanced E-mail Management: Configuring the use of a Template

    In this article I want to discuss how the Sage CRM Advanced E-mail Manager can be configured to use different functions within script templates to allow processing of emails according to business requirements.

    In an earlier article "Advanced E-mail…

  • Advanced E-mail Management: Creating a Template

    In this article I want to discuss how new rule templates for the Sage CRM Advanced E-mail Manager can be created and which SDK resources are available to developers.

    I have written previously about the Advanced E-mail Manager and these articles are worth…

  • Starting a C# .NET Project without Using the Project Templates

    You do not need to use the Project Templates to start a new .NET Project.

    The steps below show how you can start a new Project using Microsoft Visual C# 2010 Express. You will easily be able to adapt this to Visual Studio 2012 or other IDEs able to use…

  • Editing an Existing Microsoft Word Mail Merge Template in Sage CRM

    I blogged last week about Working with Microsoft Word Templates in Sage CRM and want now to expand on that subject a little further and talk about editing Word templates in Sage CRM.

    Sage CRM Administrators can edit existing Microsoft Word mail merge…

  • Document template error

    When I go to Administration > Email and Documents > Document Templates and then click on certain file names, I get the following error:

    "An unexpected event has occurred: EConvertError: Format '% ' invalid or incompatible with argument"…

  • 7.3a - Merge Template - Page break not working

    Trying out the new merge to PDF functionality in 7.3 (and have patch A installed in TST).

    The page break is not working. I've tried before and after page breaks. Doesn't work to PDF or Word

    <div style="margin-left: -75px; page-break-before: always;…

  • How to modify the quantities of a delivery and its movements of stock through code or import / export template

    I have a validated delivery to which I want to modify both the delivery quantities and the quantities of the stock movements made; I need to do it by code or template.

    Would anyone know what template to use or how could I develop it?

  • template for the CRM/operations (object ITN)

    Morning - question from our customer about templates for CRM/ operations:

    The customer needs an import template for the CRM/operations (object ITN) with material usage.

    Simple inserts without material usage can be created. However, afterwards the same…

  • Custom Invoice templates


    Is it possible to upload custom made templates?


  • How to change layout description

    I have created a new invoice layout in Sage 50 based on a previous layout then saved with a new file name, but I can't find how to change the file description - is there a way of doing this?

  • Invoices

    I have just moved from Sage Instant Accounts to Sage cloud Accounting. The invoice templates hardly seem to be customisable at all now and also I am having problems with the company logo - whatever I try I cannot get this to appear sharply. For this latter…

  • Inserting data tokens into email templates

    I want clients to see this in the email they receive when sent an invoice:

    Past Due Balance:

    Total Balance Due: (which includes past due and New charges)

    Client Funds Balance: (retainer)

    I am accomplishing this by inserting data tokens into the email…