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  • Aatrix errors related to Unemployment

    Receiving errors when filing the Kansas Unemployment that says the tax rate is too low (verified the tax rate is correct) and for OK the taxable unemployment wages cannot be greater than the upper limit.

    First time I have received either message and i…

  • Reprint W2's

    How do I reprint a single W2? Does the system automatically include a watermark/message that the reprint is a reprint?

  • T4A Box 144 -Exempt Income

    Has anyone figured out how to get income to show in Box 144 of the T4A in Canadian Payroll?

  • Payroll submission different year end than calendar year

    I have been asked to change my payroll submission from our proprietorship business to our parent company corporation. Business ends Dec 31 and corporation ends Sep 30...I create payroll manually in Sage and therefore I am wondering how to print off all…

  • CA Pay Data reporting for 2022

    HI, I have a question on CA Pay Data reporting for 2022 year.  What is the difference in Reports-Employees-EEO Reports-California Pay Data Detail/Efile and Payroll-Government Reports-Fed Tax Filing-CA Pay Data Report ?

    It seems like the EEO one isn't listing…

  • T4's

    Does anyone know why Sage drop some T4's when filing electronically.  All information on T4's are correct, and no missing information? 

    Please let me know if I can re-file the ones that are missing electronically!

  • How do I save PDF's of employee T4's in the correct CRA form format?

    I have the Sage 50 version that allows for electronic (xml file) remittance. Now how would I save the individual employee T4's in a PDF form that I can email to them? When I choose to print the T4's, it doesn't include the cra T4 form format. Thank you…

  • Declaration D'impot T2


    Est-ce qu'on peut faire la declaration d'impot annuelle de la compagnie avec Sage ? 


  • T4 options

    Hi, Can you add box 13 and box 83 to the drop-down lists that you have available?  These are required for the hairdresser's T4 and currently, I need to generate them manually as those numbers are not available in the drop-down selection.

  • T5018 printing individual

    Is there a way like T4 you can have it print each subcontractor on one page when you generate?  We do not print and cut in half and hand out anymore.  You have it currently putting two different companies on one page.  I give the customer a copy of the PDF…

  • T4A

    I have contactors that have both fee for service and rentals (other).

    How do I get select more than one box for the contractor and how do I get the right amounts into each box?


  • 2022 Northern Travel Allowance inclusion on T4 box 32 is missing meaning I can't file electronically

    Can't Netfile from Sage - 

    Would anyone have a work around for 2022?  Reports are pdf which I can easily edit and add the Box 32 & amount for each employee. 

    Really, my only issue for 2022 filing is getting an accurate xml formatted file to send…

  • 1099's

    How do you mark your 1099 in vendor set up  for dividends so that box 1a and 1b are filled in on your 1099's?

  • Taxable Benefit

    I am setting up our payroll and I need to set up a taxable benefit for our employees. It needs to be entered as income and be on their T4 but the employer will be paying it directly to the plan for our employees. How do I set this up? 

  • Box 61 T4a - Payer Account Number not showing

    Is it a requirement to have Box 61 fill out on the printed form?  Right now it is not showing.

  • Having some trouble with ROE forms

    I'm looking to print an ROE for a single employee. However, I seem to be unable to select the employee from the list of terminated employees for the years I want.

    In a nutshell, the employee's first pay was received on September 1st, 2021. However…

  • T4 Insurance non-taxable vs Quebec Insurance taxable - how to edit


    I'm trying to fix an issue with my group insurance for some employees. Essentially, it is taxable in Quebec, but it is non-taxable on the T4s. The amount still shows up in taxable income for the employee on the T4s, which shouldn't be the case…

  • Problems with 1099-misc

    We are having some trouble printing the 1099-misc form.

    We get an error:

    Description: No records exist in the specified range.

    Source: 14:53:24 - A/P 1099 Filing

    When we run the A/P Vendors 1099 Inquiry, all the applicable entries show up. Also, we…

  • T4 double employee wage columns (canada)

    My Canadian T4s had a yellow column on the far right with no title but it had the employee wages in it.  I labelled it # 14 "employee wages" and now they are on there twice and doubling up on the final T4 printout for each employee.  How do I…

  • Payroll Tax Forms showing 2014??? Can not do 1099s?

    Payroll Tax Form Selector is showing 2014 for all reports. 2014??? I also had the error message "The procedure entry point ?dumpAccumualtive etc. I will try downloading the latest Sage update. So we can not do 1099s in Sage now? I don't understand why…

  • Ohio W2s Ohio Business Gateway

    Apparently, even though Aatrix will upload W2s to the state of Ohio for you, I am reading that all employers with over 10 W2s must upload W2s manually on the Ohio Business Gateway in EFW2 format.  If this is true, I am at a loss.  Does anyone know this to…

  • 1095C

    I cannot get my 1095C's to generate in Sage 300.  Any ideas as to what I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks, Denise

  • W2 processing

    Has anyone else had an issue with NC state wages not pulling the correct AGI? The amount is incorrect for those with HSA contributions.

  • 1099 no records found

    Client upgraded to v2023, latest updates. Do not have Aatrix Hot Fix installed, will do tomorrow. In Client 1099 inquiry, 1099 vendors and amounts come up and report can be printed with details. Cannot print or process 1099's using Aatrix - or without…

  • 1099 vendor copy amount is blank

    Anyone else having a problem with the 1099 Vendor copy received in the mail has a blank dollar amount?

    My copy has it but theirs did not.