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  • Custom Entity - Section below the summary

    Is it possible in a custom entity to add a section below the summary that shows a list? I have it as another tab at the moment, but the user would prefer it be below the summary. Thanks!

  • An essential guide to Key Attributes. A round up of articles about storing dynamic data for marketing

    This article provides links to different videos and articles that discuss the creation and use of Key Attribute data. Key Attribute data is data held in Sage CRM for typically marketing purposes and that is captured through question categories in either…

  • The essential guide to logging in Sage CRM. A round up of articles about managing logs.

    Sage CRM provides a set of internal logging mechanisms that allow system administrators and implementors to monitor the operation of the system and to help diagnose the source of any issues that may arise.

    If you are unfamiliar with controlling logging…

  • A round up of articles on the Mail Merge feature: The essential guide to sending emails in Sage CRM

    This short article provides a listing of the key articles that cover the use, configuration and customization of the internal email client within Sage CRM.

  • An essential guide to Selection Lists and Intelligent Selects: A round up of articles that discuss selection entry types

    Sage CRM allows fields to be defined for the interface that are defined from a wide range of different entry types. The entry types in Sage CRM control the field behaviour, the type of data that may be entered and how the field is rendered as HTML in…

  • A round up of essential articles about configuring the Advanced Email Manager

    When enabled, the CRM Email Management service runs as a background process on the CRM server and processes inbound and outbound e-mails according to predefined business rules. The Email Manager functionality is available whether you use CRM's embedded…

  • A round up of essential articles on setting up and using Table and Entity Level Scripts

    Table and Entity Level Scripts can be thought of as a bit like SQL triggers. They allow a developer to create scripts that are run when certain database interactions take place. They are defined as javascript and stored in meta data. The scripts are then…

  • A Round up of articles about using the Tab SQL Clause

    Tab SQL Clause is a property of an individual option within a tab group. The SQL Clause controls the display of the tab in the interface by using SQL to determine the whether the current state of the data matches the business rule expressed. We can decide…

  • A round up of articles about coding for the library and documents

    The document upload into Sage CRM is designed to allow the easy upload of files on an Ad Hoc basis. The document upload feature (at the time of writing this article) differs slightly depending on which browser you use. But it can be time consuming to…

  • vPersonPhoneSummary optimisation

    Hi, we had a problem with the PersonPhoneSummary. When a customer call us, CRM display this Information after 1,40 minutes! We have 1,6 Million Entries in the Phone table.

    We had a look in that view. We changed the view, now it takes 2 seconds, to find…

  • Difference between T4 Summary Geoss amount, GL Payroll Gross Expenses and the Gross payroll journal Gross Amount

    Hello all, 

    I checked the total amount of GROSS EARNINGS in Receiver general report, T4 Summary and GL payroll Gross earnings amounts. 

    All three are different. 

    Please let me know what could be the reason for this difference. 

    the difference is around…

  • Some Newbie questions.

    Hi, I am a newbie to Micropay,

    1.If I create a company how can I print a report showing the company details?

    2. How do I do a payroll summary weekly report.

    3. I can view a payslip in the Edit/Employees screen, but, if I use the "View/Print Payslips" icon…

  • Labour cost report - by month or pay period

     I am unable to find a report that shows me total labour $ by pay period or month-can anyone assist? It MUST be possible, right?  thnks for your time


    I am needing a vendor summary report showing me all the vendors paid for 2016 and their totals.  I am aware of the 1099 reports but I need all vendors not just 1099 vendors. 

  • Remittance-help

    hello all,

    I am really new to this and of course I screwed up my remittance payments.Confused  I overpaid my CPP contributions to the point that I was not able to to enter any new remittance payment and then it went downhill from there. I need help making it work…

  • BIE - Item Transactions View - Export to excel collapsed view?


    We are trying to get a summarized list in excel of our item transactions by item code.

    For example, if i'm looking at an item trasaction view of a specific item i see this...

    Collapsed None
    Item Code Name Date Quantity Type
    WDGTA Widget A 1/1…

  • Replacement Slip order?

    Is it possible to set the order in which replacement slips appear on the invoice?

    For example, we create a slip for the summary of work, another slip for "Travel Time (non-taxable)", and "Produce Report".  I would like the summary first…