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  • Sage CRM 2021: Using the Client Side API to show a field value as an icon (gif).

    A customer had a need to display field values of selection lists as icons in a summary page.

    Within the admin screens, it is possible to cause a column in a list to show selection field values as a gif as you can see in the image below:

    This is explained…

  • Working with Selection Lists

    Supposing that there is a requirement that when a Company is of a particular type then when an Opportunity is created for that company there should be one set of options to put into the Oppo_type field.
    You can see in the above screen shot of an Opportunity…
  • Selection List for External Table Entity

    Hey guys,

    I have a customer who wants to link to an external table to search for records. The external table has a customer number and that customer number is referenced by a customer table. They would like the search screen to show the list of customers…

  • Employee Selection Lists - Auto Update

    How do you guys handle Employee Selection Lists in Payroll for lots of employee turnover.

    For example, we have 2 different payroll selection lists.  One for Weekly Salaried Employees, and one for Weekly Hourly Employees and we do 2 separate payroll runs…