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  • Trolley Build Function Sage

    I am wondering if anyone out here has had any experience with the trolley build features with Datalinx? We are thinking of exploring "picking to slot", "Trolley Build", "picking to Carton" functions in our warehouse. Would love to pick someone's brain…

  • chargement des données dans XRT Advanced


    j'aimerai savoir, si c'est possible, comment transferer les données automatiquement depuis XRT Tresorerie vers XRT Advanced ?

    Si ce n'est pas possible quelle methode me conseignez-vous ?


  • Can you add a feature to migrate Password Security settings?

    It would be helpful if you could provide administrators with the ability to migrate the Password Security settings as part of the backup and restore.  I spoke with Support and they notified me that I would have to manually manage the Password Security…

  • Is Sage going to address the other log4j Security Vulnerabilities?

    There are other log4j vulnerabilities besides,CVE-2021-44228 .  There are also vulnerabilities for CVE-2019-17571, CVE-2020-9488 and CVE-2022-23302.

    I tried to flag this with Sage support but I hit a roadblock and they told me to contact SAP since the log4j…

  • Antivirus Exclusion for Sage

    I have got a server where I would like to install antivirus.

    I have got sage X3 installed on the server.

    Can someone please provide me any advice on how should I move forward with this?

    Are there any important files/folder that I need to exclude for this…

  • Positive Pay Bank File Definition - Separate Detail Lines per Column

    Customer's bank wants the Excel file generated with the check details to have each required field in a separate column. Does anyone know how to specify this within the Bank File Definition? 

  • Dimension Codes Not Flowing From Supplier Record to Supplier Invoice

    Common Data >> Bps >> Supplier, Financial Tab, Analytical Dimensions

    Currently only codes listed in AX1 flow through to the supplier invoice (Supplier BP invoices).  How do I change the other dimensions to flow through to the supplier invoice…

  • Production Scheduler Sage X3


    We have been using the Sage X3 with production scheduler and production scheduler is the most important tool for our operations and work order planning.

    Sage X3 version : Enterprise Management V 12.0.19

    Production Scheduler : 6.0.2014

    We have…

  • Delivery Notes Report - default values

    Where do you assign the defaults for a report? Specifically, when I print the BONLIV report I want it to default the customer value from the record so that I don't have to change the parameter lines each time. Where do you make these kinds of default…

  • Creation of New Folder creation from user screen, unable to get full access?

    Hi All,

    I created a new folder from the front by using authorized Admin role access. But am not able to get full access rights to the newly created folder. it giving me an error while accessing the folder. 

    needed suggestions on how to get full access…

  • Nice if 'PAC complete' could be on a line by line rule basis - believe would be much more versatile allocation and issue setup

    'Pac complete' as an overall function does not allow smaller units to break into larger units when needed for picking. Those smaller units need to be made manually available (or already available). Our orders need to be shipped in cases and pallets. Pallets…

  • Using/Understanding FIFO

    It seems that X3 defaults to some form of FIFO.  Is there any documentation that goes into detail how to control this feature?  A specific example of what we are trying to do that relates to full pallet product pulling.

    We have X3 set up to pull full pallets…

  • How to add an access code to attach a file to a specific function?

    Good Afternoon,

    Initially, I created a storage volume on X3 and defined an access code for this volume, so that when a file was attached to that function, it automatically selected for the folder corresponding to the function.

    The result I got was, the…

  • Setup of Purchasing Signature Management

    Is it possible to setup Purchasing Signature Management in a way that when a user that is part of the signature workflow enters a PO, it is not automatically signed, but is pushed to the next level of signers for approval?

  • Windows authentication - Invalid windows user

    Client migrating to new server, Winsows 2019 with Sage 300 2020.  Existing server is Windows server 2008, running Sage 300 2016.

    On the old existing server, Sage uses Windows authentication for many users.

    On the new server, when I try to change the user…

  • I am trying to create Fixed asset, following error occurred

    I am trying to create Fixed asset, following error occurred. help required.

    Fixed Assets>Fixed Assets>
    in the field Accounting code>ITEQP

    ITEQP The Co. fixed asset account associated with the accounting code is invalid or its nature is incorr…

  • Can't Add New Product Codes in Item Maintenance

    When we enter a new item code into "Item Maintenance," it used to create a new product in the system. However now when we enter a new product code, everything goes blank, but it says "NEW" right by the Description (as it would do before). Everything else…

  • Packaging Consumption in Work Orders

    I'm looking for ideas as to the best way to consume packaging in work orders.

    We sell products in various packaging....totes, drums, pails, etc.

    Currently the packaging is relieved from inventory at time of sales invoicing.....packaging codes are…

  • Change license server

    Due to ageing out of some OS's, we are deactivating the server shere our Sage license server resides.

    Is there an easy way to migrate the license server onto another server, and make it invisible to the users, or are we going to need to manually change…

  • Business partner settings

    Is it possible to limit a business partner to a company ?
    E.g. allow issuing an invoice for company #1, but block it for company #2.

  • Error in the console,while doing the configuration after upgrade from version 11 to version 12


    We are upgrading the system from version 11 to version 12.We referred easy upgrade link for upgrade process. The architecture of the system is multi-tier (Database…


    Is there a way to disable the forcing of capital letters in the PO no. field within order entry?

    We have a partner who sends us PO numbers that contain both capital and lowercase letters.

    When we transmit through EDI back to them the information is case…

  • Fixed assets - Partial VAT on expenses

    Hi all,

    The assets are created through Purchase invoices where the expense and a partial VAT is posted in the same FA account.

    For example:

    However, this full amount is not considered in the expense:

    In order to solve the amount that is missing (partial…

  • Set up one company or multiple?

    I am setting up assets in Sage for the first time.  We file a consolidated return, with 8 companies owning fixed assets.   Should I set up one company in Sage for all the assets and use the owner field to identify the company that owns the asset, or should…

  • Getting incorrect tax name for given tax code after Sage 50 2019.1 Update

    I have Sage 50 Canadian Accountant company file and following setting are configured in it. 

    • HST tax name is setup

    • Tax code H is setup and mapped to HST Tax name 

    For Receivable accounts , Tax code H is setup for new customers sales

    Now we are sending…