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  • Web service returning "Process[WS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    I'm getting the following message on some web services responses. Just in some times.

    "Process[ZWS_NAME] - No return code (status[6]) "

    The web services its a Subprogram web service.

    Has anyone known what is it? And how to fix it?

  • Trying to read the products of Magento from X3 using rest api integration and Node JS Error

    Hi All,

    We are trying to read the product of Magento from Sage X3 using integration methods such as Rest webservices, Node.Js for one of our client. The Magento API endpoints uses 'OAUTH1' type of authorization for authentication of the Rest API…

  • why i can't set query of VACITM facet to yes in ITMMASTER representation

    when i click on the query cell to change it to yes it just jump for initial state, but for some others columns it's ok

  • Erradic termination of webclient sessions after undefined times of user inactivity.

    Running Sage X3 V12, we are facing problems on all browser and computer platforms: while having open a user session running on any browser or network, useres get kicked out suddenly after a certain inactivity with varying duration.

    After cklick message…

  • Creating a new database connection to Sage X3 (Part 7)

    This is the seventh article in a series that discusses creating a new database connection to the Sage X3 database using the standard Sage CRM features.

    Previously I have shown how a simple Search screen allowing data from the Sage X3 system to be retrieved…

  • Creating a new database connection to Sage X3 (Part 5)

    This is the fifth article in a series that discusses creating a new database connection to the Sage X3 database using the standard Sage CRM features.

    Views that are intended to be used to list data from Sage X3 need to share a common key with the corresponding…

  • Creating a new database connection to Sage X3 (Part 1)

    This is the first article in a series that will discuss creating a new database connection to the Sage X3 database using the standard Sage CRM features. The articles will take you through the steps so that you can understand how you can add new screens…

  • XML Example of deleteLines and InsertLines

    Can I get an example XML view of how the deleteLines and InsertLines for SOAP web services will look like?



  • How to modify the quantities of a delivery and its movements of stock through code or import / export template

    I have a validated delivery to which I want to modify both the delivery quantities and the quantities of the stock movements made; I need to do it by code or template.

    Would anyone know what template to use or how could I develop it?

  • QC Soap Call

    I am trying to do a query soap call on the quality control screen (STQ Object).

    I keep getting this error message. Does anybody know what this error means? I only see one mask in our system so I am not sure where the system thinks there are 2....


  • Pick/Pack Report print via webservices issue

    I am running into an issue where the I can't print a pick report and packing report based on the delivery number that I specify. It seems like it is not reading the delivery number that I specify and just the STOFCY value

    I created a subprogram, and…

  • Release products out of Quality Control via Web Services

    Has anyone released products from quality control using web services? If so, can you provide some details on how you did it?



  • AOWSIMPORT Sales Invoices Record Lock

    I am using the AOWSIMPORT web service / subprogram to create Sales Invoices.  The invoice is created properly, but it is shown as locked by the web services user after it is created.  Has anybody had this problem.  Does anybody know how to get around this…

  • Web Service deleteLines

    Hi .,

    Can we delete multiple lines at a time by using deleteLines method through web service. 

  • Process[ZSOH] - No return code (status[6])

    What does this error message mean? I am getting this returned when I try to do a save call with my web services publication. (ZSOH is the name of my publication)

  • Printing a crystal report via webservices

    Has anybody tried printing a crystal report via web services by creating a subprogram? If so, could you please send some examples so I can take a look at what was done to get this accomplished? If not, anybody got any ideas on the best approach for this…

  • How to get quotations in response using ASYRRESTCLI.EXEC_REST_WS

    I currently have this piece of code:

    Local Char YAPI(250), YURI(250), PCOD(100)(1..10), PVAL(100)(1..10), HCOD(100)(1..10), HVAL(100)(1..10)
    Local Clbfile YMTD(250), YREQBODY, YRESBODY, RESHEAD(0)

    YREQBODY ='{'+%22+'"SOHNUM:"'+%22+':'+[M]XSOHNUM+',"QTY…

  • Can sage send data to a webhook?

    Can sage send data to a webhook? If so, could you elaborate on the process for this?



  • Insert new line in AOWSIMPORT web service


    I'm trying, on Sage X3 V11, to import a Task using the specific X3 Model with the help of AOWSIMPORT WebService. The X3 Model for Tasks defines the field separator as a new line (\010\013), but as soon as I put a newline inside the I_FILE in the…

  • Consuming external webservice SOAP

    Hello guys, 

    Someone can tell me please if it's possible to invoke an external webservice (soap) using 4GL ? 

    I don't find any information here about this subject. 


  • Trying webservice with object BOD and field BOMALT

    Hi all, when i try to create a new BOMP with Web Services it always return me this error "BOM code : 1\Record does not exist" on Field error [M:BOH0]BOMALT and i am sure that code "1" exist on my Sage X3 v9 (patch 6).

    this is my xml…

  • creating a web app using mertial picking adc functionality

    Has anyone every created an external web app and that app uses the adc functionality or know of a way to do this? So basically, I am trying to create an an external web app, but I want it to behave in the same functionality when I am doing the material…

  • How to use text datatype (ACB) with classes and representation?


    I am trying to use a text data type in a class/representation, but I keep getting the following error message when I run my API:

    {"$diagnoses":[{"$severity":"error", "$message": "X3 engine error: [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0]Invalid…
  • 4GL syntax for if this is a soap api call

    Is there a 4gl syntax that represents a if the process is by a soap api call?

    For example, 

    let say im making a modification to sales order via the modify soap call. I have code in APRES_MOD, but I don't want that code to be executed when the modification…

  • Get REST webservice photo


    I created a specific table to store some information..

    One of the columns is a photo (blob)... How can I consume them via web service to show the photo on an external HTML page?

    In the picture below, BLOB_0 is my field where the photo is. How should…