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  • Error in returning stock - Line movements are pending, please adjust

    Hi team,

    I am facing a challenge in returning a stock where as I have deliveries and I was able to create credit notes among the steps in returning the stock but I am facing an error as in below screenshot as soon as I select the delivery number so as…

  • Lot Numbers

    I need to come up with a way to consume containers (what our product is packaged in) when a work order is closed.  I have thought keeping the current BOMs for the "master BOM" (bulk BOM if you will) for each product and then doing a second BOM that puts…

  • Web service action modify list inventory


    I'm trying to call the web service object to update QTYPCUNEW on a inventory's list wich is include 98 lines.

    WW_IDENT = "SES1912S0100035…

  • Nice if 'PAC complete' could be on a line by line rule basis - believe would be much more versatile allocation and issue setup

    'Pac complete' as an overall function does not allow smaller units to break into larger units when needed for picking. Those smaller units need to be made manually available (or already available). Our orders need to be shipped in cases and pallets. Pallets…

  • Changing the FIFO dates in X3. Manually.

    Currently when product is received into X3 to any location it is tagged with a receipt date.  This is the date that travels with the product and drives the FIFO order for each product.

    Is there a way to manually FIFO inventory to give more versatility…

  • Packaging Consumption in Work Orders

    I'm looking for ideas as to the best way to consume packaging in work orders.

    We sell products in various packaging....totes, drums, pails, etc.

    Currently the packaging is relieved from inventory at time of sales invoicing.....packaging codes are…

  • 2 Million SKUs Management in Sage X3

    Dear All,

    We have a prospect having around 2 Million SKUs in one of their company. Have anyone experienced dealing with such a big number of SKUs in one company in Sage X3? Have the speed in finders, entries and reports remain OK after having this many…

  • Fixed Assets inventory

    In v6.5 i had GESIOP and GESIPA functions to make inventory of Fixed Assets Management.
    In v7u9 and v11 versions, it seems those functions are not available .

    Basic functions of Fixed Assets Modules are still there, my question is about inventory

  • How does Average Cost Evolution screen work?

    This is a very broad question because I'm continually amazed at how little I seem to know about this screen.

    I need to gain an understanding of which are the hard numbers that come from stock transactions vs which are screen calculated numbers that will…

  • Annual Stock Counts

    It's that time of year again, time to count your inventory!!!

    While it can be a daunting task; and it probably won't make your list of Fun Things To Do, it must be done. So let's get to it.

    A brief reminder of this process within X3.

    1. Go to…
  • Spending too much time worrying about your inventory?

    Russ Graf has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of building and managing an application software VAR business catering to small and medium sized businesses. For 15 years, Russ was a Founding Partner and Sales & Marketing Executive for a Sage…