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  • 1) Mass delete BPS Invoices 2) DocLink/DocAlpha

    1) Is there a way to mass delete BPS Invoices? I have 1900 to delete.

    2) Duplicate and triplicate Invoices have imported into Sage X3v12 p17 from DocLink/DocAlpha.  This is the second or third time it has happened.  Does anyone have advice on what might…

  • BP Customer Situation - Unposted Invoices negative value

    Good day all

    We have encountered an interesting situation with a client. The client did a fixed asset disposal by way of sale. The BP Customer invoice was created automatically and posted successfully linked to a cash customer. Payments were linked to…

  • Facing issue while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on a new servers of Sage X3 version 12.0.26

    I got an error while choosing the endpoint of the imported folder v12.0.21 on the X3 version 12.0.26. "Create session error : The folder version is different from the version of the root folder.", As shown in the screenshot below :

    Has anyone…

  • How to upload a file to mark outstanding transactions?

    Hi there

    I have a bank reconciliation of 9,000 transactions, of which 750 of them are outstanding. I have already identified the outstanding transactions in an excel workpaper.  

    Do you know if there is any way to upload or mark the 750 outstanding transactions…

  • Anyone know how to setup an Export template so that it's output is split into multiple files?


    We are still using version 7. We have an export template we use to export invoices to be sent through EDI. Currently the export template creates a single text document with information from every invoice that needs to be sent. Is there a way to…

  • Consultation de la balance SAGE X3V12

    Bonjour à tous , 

    Est -il possible d'afficher l'exercice en cours dans les champs date début et date fin dans l'écran de  consultation de la balance ? 

    Dans notre cas par défaut nous avons date début =01/01/2016 et date fin…

  • SIHI Line 30 Legal No Account Found & Rollback Following Error in Transaction

    Hello All, I'm using Sage x3 V5, While posting Invoice, I'm facing an error. Kindly support on below urgently:

    We are passing only Sales Transactions like Invoices & Credit Note  as we stopped using the Finance Module.

  • Looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3

    Good day everyone, I am looking for the sales FOB field in sage x3. If there is no field in x3, is there a column in sql? So far I have been unsuccessful in finding said field. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. 
    Thank you in advance!

  • Improve Menu profile import function

    This function is very useful to translate Syracuse menus, as it reads translations already done in SQL db.
    But, some items on the navigation page are not translated.

    Example with Fixed assets/Inquiries menu. ‘All legislations’ and ‘Germany & Austria’ and…

  • Product Comparison - X3 vs 300 vs 200

    Hi Sage Community,

    I am looking for a product comparison between Sage X3, Sage 300 (Accpac) and Sage 200 (Evolution).

    Where could I find this please?

  • Audit Reports

    If Sage x3 Doesn't have a SOC 1 report than can we get something alternative to this.

    As SOC1 report is mandate to get the change management authorized. 

  • Being able to see what is printing in a print queue (either function or in a printers print queue)

    Documents can get suck when transferring from X3 to the print queue in windows. When the document gets into the print queue you are unable to see what has been sent to the queue.

    Ideally, this would be changed to show the document name. E.G. SIN00001…

  • Multiple Margin calculation methods in sales process

    Hi all, 

    We have a finished good product that is managed using AVC (Average cost).

    We have a scenario where we need create a quote or sales order and have the standard cost value for the product load into the Cost field with the margin calculated based…

  • Critical security hotfixes for U9, V11 and V12.

    A security risk within Sage X3 has been discovered that may impact customers using Sage X3, Sage X3 Warehousing and Sage X3 HR & Payroll. The security risk is related to a platform component and has no impact on the Sage X3 application code or customizations…

  • Cambio de certificados electrónicos del Portal y la Sede Electrónica de la Agencia Tributaria 16/03/21

    El próximo 16 de marzo de 2021 la Agencia Tributaria va a proceder a cambiar los certificados electrónicos que se utilizan para ofrecer servicios a los contribuyentes. Este cambio permitirá seguir accediendo a los servicios de la Sede Electrónica…

  • Account Interface Error

    Hi All

    Can someone please assist me with this error. The error displays when i try to run the stock accounting interface for all sites.

  • Non affichage de la désignation de la question en consultation fiche technique


    Notre client en V12 LP 23 nous remonte un manque d'affichage qui pour eux devrait être présent en standard.

    Dans l'écran WMSHQSTD (historique fiche technique), le numéro de question est affiché et non la désignation…

  • Struggling to tie Lot # to Delivery Data


    It feels like I'm overlooking something simple, because tying lot numbers to our delivery records should be fairly straightforward. 

    When I pull up a sample delivery record in Sage X3, I can select Stock lot and see which Lot number were included…

  • Sage X3 Operational Budgets


    We are using Operating Budgets (Envelopes and Entities have been set up and is working fine)

    My question is around multi-year budgets

    Normally if you have say a 3-year budget you need to enter a budgeted amount per year not breaking the ceiling…

  • Improve the usability of the document attachment functionality on various transaction records

    Attaching a new document to a transaction record is too cumbersome for new users and requires too many clicks.

    For example, to add a PDF to a sales order, you need to click the following:

    1. Select the paperclip icon
    2. Select 'Add file'
    3. Click the…
  • New Sage X3 Partner Class Schedule

    The updated Sage X3 Partner Class Schedule with classes out through June 2021 is attached to this post, and available to download from the partner site on Sage University. Tune into our expanded Advanced and Expert level interactive workshops, which cover…

  • Payment Screen (BP AMOUNT) search bar not working

    Hello All,

    Happy new year.

    Please i notice on payment screen E.g Bank transfer - if i try to search for a transaction using amount field i get an error message. 

    Please kindly find screen shot below..

    Please help.

    Thank you.

  • Field error "Reversal date" Change of fiscal year prohibited

    Good Morning, 

    We are getting an error message when we try to set the reversal date to 01/01/2021. (The accounting date is 12/31/2020).

    This is only happening to some of our journal entries. 

    Would anybody be able to tell me why this error message is triggering…

  • Connect Existing DB Server to Brand New App Server

    Has anyone had to create a new V11 (or really any version) application server and connect it to an existing SQL Database server? Assume we don't have access to the old app server (although we might).

    I have some ideas, but I'd like to know how others…



    This may not be an error as much as a question as the internal workings of Sage X3. I've been setting up reports for our Sales department, but they weren't lining up wtih our Actuals. I realized that I was utilizing SORDER.SHIDAT_0 instead of SDELIVERYD…